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Rocks For Sale In Nena At Plantiques

June 10, 2020
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Joanies Rocks, a Minneapolis, Minnesota based locally owned rock and mineral vendor, is pleased to announce they have partnered with another provider in order to remain accessible to their customers. While the new location, known among customers as Plantiques, may be considered by some to be the most out of the way location possible for a South Minneapolis locally-owned business, it has been serving the Nokomis East and Minnehaha neighborhoods of Minneapolis for many years.

Plantiques owner Bruce Bale explains that his garden and gift shop is a natural combo, but business has been down this year. This is not only due to the COVID-19 pandemic (although it certainly continues to dampen traffic), the big nuisance this year is from public works that have a huge pumping station blocking the street at Plantiques’ front door. However, Bale asserts that the street is safe and the neighborhood is friendly. Additionally, even though Plantique’s location is out of the way, Bale is proud to say that the journey to the store is well worth the effort thanks to its premium products and services.

...and native copper...

As noted on the company’s website, the lack of an easy to find location has not stopped Bale in the past, and it is not likely to stop him now either. Bale is well known in the neighborhood for his landscaping services. In line with this, Plantiques offers retaining walls, mass plantings, garden revamps and so on. They also handle patios, walkways and rock gardens.

Meanwhile, Joanies Rocks states that they usually do their business at community rock shows throughout the region. Joan Netwal, owner of Joanies Rocks, says, “Community rock shows not only give much pleasure to our customers but also to us. It brings us joy to see the appreciation of our customers for our precious finds. Sadly, the rock season this year didn’t just get off to a rocky start. In fact, there was no season at all. We actually had a great March buying trip to Tucson but, unfortunately, the rock world has died due to the assembly restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.” She clarifies that community rock shows are most likely not happening this year, so Joanies Rocks is consigning more of their inventory to Plantiques.

Netwal states that they prefer to use the storefront as a way of showing their wares as opposed to having people come into their home. She adds, “Joanies Rocks is a newer dealer that has just started building out its inventory. We had started this venture recently as our retirement avocation. Our company had really counted on this year's scheduled shows to give us a real boost. Unfortunately, the pandemic happened and changed all our plans. Still, we are able to continue operating because of Plantiques. We are very thankful for our partnership with Plantiques. Since 2019, they have given us the opportunity to reach a wider range of customers for our products through our consignment arrangement. And now, because of them, we are able to continue selling our products and sharing our craft with others despite the cancellation of community rock shows.”

Netwal also explains that much of the rock they have available for sale comes from various rockhounding trips she and Earl enjoyed over the past few years. Others have been acquired from collectors and other dealers at national and local events. Among the larger items on offer are Amethyst chunks, Cracked Geodes, Painted Sandstone, Green Malachite, Petrified wood, Mystifying Labradorite and bluest blue Lapis Lazuli.

Joanies Rocks also displays some Labradorite, Malachite and Dendritic Sandstone. Similarly, they offer customers access to raw Amethyst from Canada, Geodes from Iowa, Rose Quartz from the Black Hills and Petrified Wood from the Baisch Dinosaur Digs near Glendive Montana. In the near future, the company plans to add a selection of all natural stone bracelets to their display.

In partnership with Plantiques, which is known officially as the Plantiques Garden Center, Joanies Rocks is eager to share their wonderful finds and creations with their customers. Those interested may find more information on the company’s website. Similarly, customers may also connect with Joanies Rocks via social media to stay up to date their latest news and important announcements.

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