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Car Accident Injury Clinic in Decatur Blog Gives Tips on How to Heal Faster After a Crash

June 08, 2020
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Decatur, Georgia -

A car accident injury clinic in Decatur, Ga just recently posted a blog article that gave some tips on how to heal faster after being involved in an automobile crash. The name of this clinic is called Arrowhead Clinic – Decatur. They work with these types of patients every day so they know what does and doesn’t work when it comes to auto accident victims recovering faster from their injuries.

Dr. Roy Vogel, is one of the lead chiropractors at the clinic and the author of the blog article. Dr. Vogel had this to say on the matter, “Being involved in a car accident that causes an injury to a person can be very mentally as well as physically taxing. Auto accidents many times involve spine, back, and soft tissue damage which can result in extreme pain and severely restricted movement. Over many years of working with clients that have been injured in car accidents, the doctors at our clinic started to see some patterns as to how some patients were able to recover faster from their injuries than others. We decided to pass this information on in the form of some helpful tips in our latest blog post.”

Tips For Healing Faster After A Car Accident in Decatur

Dr. Vogel started his blog article by emphasizing that those that have been involved in an accident should at least get seen by a doctor. He wrote that too many people feel that they don’t need to see a doctor even though they were involved in a pretty severe accident. This experienced chiropractor then added that even low impact car crashes can cause whiplash and other injuries that may not show any signs until several days after the accident. The next tip for faster injury recovery that Dr. Vogel mentioned in the new blog post was to get plenty of rest. He wrote that rest is thought to be a major factor when it comes to healing faster from any type of injury. Along with rest, it was also noted that returning to normal activity too soon after a car accident could severely hinder the body’s natural healing process. According to the blog article, the next tip for speedy auto accident recovery is to get treatment. The author writes that light physical therapy is often the best way to go. He states that light flexibility work and exercise can also be very beneficial to the healing process. The last tip that Dr. Vogel mentioned was for car accident victims to listen and adhere to their doctor’s advice. The blog article states that this is because they have many years of experience treating car accident victims and this gives them very specific knowledge and skills when it comes to accident injury treatments.

Dr. Vogel went on to say that Arrowhead clinic in Decatur not only specializes in helping people recover from car accidents but they also treat victims of workplace accidents, slip and fall mishaps, those suffering from sports injuries, and even people aching from unexplained neck or back pain. The clinic also works very closely with the legal teams of those patients that have pending personal injury cases before the courts.

This car accident clinic’s services also come very highly recommended by those that have used them. A testament to that fact is out of 455 reviews that have been left on this clinic on their Google Maps Business Listing, Arrowhead Clinic – Decatur has an amazing 4.9 out of 5-stars average score. Here is what one of their clients had to say about this pain management clinic’s services. J M writes, “I’m super new here to this clinic and extremely pleased with the professionalism and the treatment that I am receiving here. I was at another clinic several months ago with a different company and I was totally not happy. I told my attorney I need something better; my attorney referred me here. The staff is very nice, takes their time with me, makes sure I understand everything and explains my step-by-step process very well. I love how I also receive light exercise activities. Here is where I should have been coming all along. thank you, Arrowhead Clinic. highly recommended!”

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