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Expert Shows Businesses How To Evaluate PR Firms In Tempe

June 01, 2020
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Tempe, AZ based Lucid Leverage LLC is reaching out to local businesses in order to emphasize the importance of using a Public Relations (PR) firm to manage their relationship with their customers. In addition, the agency wishes to help businesses look at the strengths of all the PR firms in Tempe in order to identify which specific firm offers the best services and suits their particular requirements.

To begin with, Lucid Leverage explains that marketing is important no matter what kind of industry the business in question is engaged in. This is due to the fact that potential customers are unlikely to simply stumble across the business unless they make themselves known among the wider public in one way or another. “Alongside brand recognition,” says Lucid Leverage, “customers tend to stick with the company they are already comfortable with. If both you and your competitor are known to provide the same product or service, each of your respective customers will prefer to keep buying from the company they are already familiar with.”

The agency clarifies, “If you want to win yourself a larger slice of market share, you need to let their customers know you exist and you need to show them why you are better than the provider they currently trust. This process takes a careful hand and investment to successfully pull off, and this is why you need an experienced PR firm at your back. Furthermore, you can be sure that your competitor is probably trying to do the same to your own customers. If nothing else, you need to show your existing customer base that you are worth sticking with.”

On this note, Lucid Leverage states that businesses should seek out a public relations company in Phoenix whose clientele work in the same industry. This helps ensure that the PR firm in question is intrinsically familiar with the industry as they already have experience working for such clients. Therefore, it may give a business more insight into a prospective PR firm’s capabilities if they take a look at their existing clients and the work they have previously carried out. The agency adds that certain PR firms also avoid working with multiple clients from the same industry if their customer bases overlap (such as from being in the same region). In such cases, the business may have more faith that there will be no conflict of interest. Notably, however, this is not absolutely necessary, since many agencies insulate their teams to avoid conflict when working for multiple clients.

The next factor a business should consider is how affordable the PR firm they want to hire is. On one end of the scale, Lucid Leverage cautions businesses against, “going for marketing packages that seem too good to be true. If they offer you a great deal for a price that appears to be far under their competitors’ offerings, this may be a sign that the quality of their final product will be of similarly low value. For this reason and more, you should make it a priority to shop around and look at several PR firms before you commit to working with any of them. This will give you more perspective on their abilities and help you decide which offer you the most value.” The agency adds, “On the other hand, greater expense does not guarantee a greater return. You do not want to strain your marketing budget only to receive a subpar response from your customers.”

Furthermore, businesses should take the financials of the PR firms they are considering into account, given that they will need resources to carry out marketing campaigns. Fewer resources will likely mean they do a correspondingly poor job. Similarly, payment arrangements need to be made based on how well the campaign is run (and what dividends it pays off for the business) once a budget is decided. This may help motivate the PR firm to work harder on the business’ behalf.

A full list of Lucid Leverage’s tips for finding a reliable PR firm can be read on their website. More information regarding the agency and their own extensive capabilities can be found here as well. Businesses that require reputation management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), digital marketing or social media marketing in Tempe and so on are welcome to reach out to Chris Quintela of Lucid Leverage LLC in order to get started. Furthermore, interested parties may connect with the agency on their preferred social media platforms to stay abreast of their latest news, tips and announcements.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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