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Cox Roofing Systems Advises People Not to Attempt DIY Roofing Repairs and Announces Spray Foam Insulation Brampton Services

June 03, 2020
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Cox Roofing Systems is always looking for ways to help their present and future customers. That’s why they have just posted a blog on their website that advises people not to attempt DIY roofing repairs. The blog indicated that both safety and the quality of the repair are the biggest concerns when it comes to someone attempting to repair their roof themselves. In other news, they also wanted their customers in the area to know that the company can now help them cut energy expenses by installing spray foam insulation in their attics.

Company owner, Wayne Cox, had this to say about homeowners attempting dangerous DIY roofing repairs, “During the current virus crisis it’s tempting to do repairs around your home yourself. After all, if you do that, you limit your contact with the outside world and you will probably save a few bucks at the same time. But let me caution you, roofing is not one of the areas around your home where you want to attempt DIY repairs. Not only is it dangerous working high up on steeply pitched roofs but if the repair is not done right, it can also lead to roof leaks which can cause damage to the structure and contents of your home.”

In the Cox Roofing Systems blog post, the owner starts by saying that he realizes why it’s tempting for homeowners to think about doing roof repairs themselves. Many people are not only handy with tools but there is always a sense of urgency for a homeowner when there is a problem with their roof. The article points out that most homeowners have to use online instructions in order to do DIY roof repairs and these are not always reliable.

It was also mentioned in the blog post that roofing work requires special equipment to be done right; the type of equipment that most homeowners simply don’t have access to. Another deterrent mentioned in the blog post against homeowners attempting a DIY roof repair themselves is they are probably not used to working at height on roof surfaces which can quickly become slippery when covered in dust and debris during the repair process. This is not such a big problem for experienced roofers because they know how to rig up safety equipment and they are experienced moving about during the roof repair process.

The blog post also pointed out that veteran roofers are keenly aware of potential roofing safety risks at all times and they are used to hauling around heavy materials and bulky equipment while completing roof repair tasks. There is even an embedded video in the blog post that describes the risks associated with DIY roof repairs.

The newly-posted article concluded by stating that homeowners do have options while waiting for roof repair work to be done. In the company blog, it was mentioned that one of these options was placing a tarp over the roof problem areas and then weighing down that tarp by placing heavy objects such as rocks on it.

Cox was also very excited about his company now providing spray foam insulation Brampton services. He says that spray foam insulation offers so many more benefits than more traditional fiberglass batt insulation. It does such things as stop airflow into and out of the attic more efficiently and also acts as a moisture barrier that batt insulation does not do. The owner even mentioned that sprayed on insulation is also much more resistant to rodent damage and nesting and it stays perfectly in place once it’s applied.

He added that spray foam insulation is just one of the many different helpful services that his Brampton, Ontario-based company provides. They are also experts when it comes to doing commercial flat roof repairs and installations. Cox says that all of their services are described in more detail on their website and there are several more helpful blog articles posted there, too.

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