Piedmont Paint & Finish Offers Helpful Tips for Homeowners Repainting Their Exterior Walls This Spring

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Piedmont Paint & Finish, a painting contractor based in Charlotte, Virginia, is offering helpful tips for homeowners who want to have their exterior walls repainted this spring. This painting contractor specializes in residential painting, including houses, farms, and estates. They also offer commercial painting and their paint shop can provide painting, refinishing, spray painting, and restoration of cabinetry and furniture, including cabinet refinishing and painting. The projects they have completed have received highly positive reviews as can be seen on their YouTube channel at

Charles Davis, owner of Piedmont Paint & Finish, says, “One of the reasons why exterior paint jobs don't last as long as they should is because of inadequate or improper prep work. When done well, an exterior paint job on a stucco surface can last up to 10 years, while that done on wood surfaces could last between five and seven years.”

He continues, “Because our homes' exteriors are exposed to all manner of elements, it's important to give them the best chance to withstand harsh weather, pollution, ageing and damage. One of the ways to do this is to go with high quality paints. Another is to ensure the prep work is done well.”

In preparing the exterior walls for painting, any existing damage should be repaired first. For instance, there might be some dampness on the exterior walls, resulting in the growth of algae, formation of bubbles, peeling or flaking of the paint, and gradual weakening of the structure. To remedy the problem, the painting contractor should perform waterproofing treatments as required. Some civil repair work may also need to be done if the damage is extensive.

Another major issue are cracks, which can allow weeds to grow near or within them. Thus, if there are any weeds, these should be removed, and the cracks should be sealed before the actual painting is done. After the problems have been resolved, the exterior walls have to be prepared properly to allow the paint to adhere well to the surface. Applying primer and putty, and replastering may be required, including the application of paint undercoats, depending on the actual surface of the exterior walls. This is why it is essential to find a dependable painting contractor who knows how to properly prepare the walls before painting. Those who are interested in the location of Piedmont Paint & Finish and other information, may check out their Google Maps page at

The above-mentioned issues are just some of the reasons why it is recommended that homeowners and other property owners should ensure that they get experienced and professional painters to take care of their exterior painting needs. This will allow them to maximize their investment while avoiding problems, such as having to repaint sooner than if the painting had been done properly.

Because they have been providing fine painting and finishing services since 2007 and always make sure to use the highest quality products that fit the budget and space for the project, Piedmont Paint & Finish has gained the reputation of being capable of delivering top quality exterior painting and repainting services, not just for homes but also for commercial buildings. They can provide top quality painting for both old and new homes and they always ensure that they treat historic homes and estates with great care and sensitivity. Thus, even the most difficult exterior paint jobs can become a stress-free process for their clients.

Their service area is the greater Charlottesville area, and they are urging those who have any questions or concerns regarding their service area to call them. They are also ready to provide the painting needs of homes and buildings in Albemarle County, and their expertly trained painting professionals have been servicing the Charlottesville area for several years.

Those who are interested in finding a painting contractor may want to check out the Piedmont Paint & Finish website at, or contact them on the phone or through email.

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