Cocktails-For-Hope is Gaining Momentum and Emphasizing Safety

May 19, 2020
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Cocktails-For-Hope, a group which seeks to obtain a law change in Illinois which would allow bars and restaurants to serve cocktails to-go, is gaining momentum. Beginning merely two months ago, Cocktails-For-Hope has nearly 12,500 signatures on its petition. Sean O’Leary of O’Leary Law and Policy Group, LLC and the legal advisor to Cocktails-For-Hope indicated that, “I am not surprised by the success of Cocktails-For-Hope. Cocktails-For-Hope has a real positivemission of helping bars and restaurants through this difficult time by bringing in additional sources of income which may be the difference between survival and going outof business. Further, Cocktails-For-Hope addresses safety concerns with the delivery of alcohol.”

Cocktails-For-Hope put out a proposal which addresses the safety issues pertaining to the carryout, delivery, or curbside pickup of alcoholic liquor. Specifically, Cocktails-For -Hope proposes to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Illinois by combating intoxicated drivers and underage drinking.

Cocktails-For-Hope proposes any alcohol delivered to an address requires that the delivery driver properly age verify the person receiving the alcohol and that alcohol not be delivered to an intoxicated person. Cocktails-For-Hope understands the issues with third-party delivery services, and proposes that they not be allowed to deliver cocktails-to-go, and that any cocktails delivered must be done by an employee of the bar or restaurant, who has taken responsible alcohol service training. If the delivery driver can not age verify the age of the person receiving alcohol, or the person receiving alcohol is visibly intoxicated, the driver must return the product to the bar or restaurant.

Further, all alcohol that is transported for pickup or delivery can not be placed in the passenger of area of a vehicle. It must be placed in the trunk and if there is no trunk, in an inaccessible part of the vehicle which the driver cannot access. O’Leary states that: “Cocktails-For-Hope wants change, but we also want an orderly and well-regulated liquor system that protects the health, safety, and welfare of Illinois citizens. We will stand for nothing less!”

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