Futures Recovery Healthcare Posts New Blog On Understanding Luxury Rehab Costs

May 22, 2020
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Futures Recovery Healthcare has just posted a new blog on its website. This blog is titled ‘Understanding Luxury Rehab Costs’. It’s a blog article that not only explains how luxury rehab costs are determined but it also goes over the benefits that those suffering from substance use disorders get by going through luxury rehab. This is just one of several blogs this treatment facility has posted on its website as a means to better educate people on substance abuse and the types of treatments available to help those suffering from it recover.

Deja Gilbert, Chief Operating Officer, says, “Substance abuse disorder is a condition that’s often misunderstood. Most who witness substance abuse disorder from afar see it as a choice but for those actually going through it, they realize that this is not the case at all and they need professional help to recover. That’s why we like to post informational blogs on our website such as this one. It helps both those going through substance abuse and their loved ones better understand the important steps that it takes to get on the road to recovery. Our luxury rehab programs have proven to be an important part of this process and we want people to know more about them. They are a comfortable and impactful way to help people recover from substance abuse disorders.”

The blog article started by mentioning that there are many millions of individuals in America going through substance abuse and sadly many will never seek the recovery help that they so desperately need. It also mentioned that in 2017 over 2.5 million people in America did seek help to get over their substance abuse problems. This new blog article also acknowledged that it can be difficult to determine if someone has a substance abuse disorder and this is especially true when the abused substance is alcohol or prescription medicines. It was also pointed out that there is a fine line between use, heavy use, and misuse and the post went on to say that seeking professional help is often essential to recovery. There was also a reminder in the article that many people have recovered from addiction and go on to live healthy, happy, and more vibrant lives.

The latter part of the blog post focused on luxury rehab and its costs. The blog article was straightforward in acknowledging that luxury rehab that includes amenities such as massages, pools, gourmet meals, and more, can be costly. After that, the article countered by saying that oftentimes people get what they pay for when being treated for substance abuse disorders and luxury can be a deciding factor as to whether someone stays the course with their treatment or abandons the effort. It was also pointed out that the level of luxury is a determining factor in luxury rehab costs and amenities such as ocean view rooms, golf, spa treatments, horseback riding, cooking classes, and treatment facility reputation are all factored into luxury rehab pricing.

Futures Recovery Healthcare operates facilities that are well-known for treating adults with addictions & substance abuse disorders, frequent co-occurring disorders, and also helping to treat underlying pain that often accompanies substance abuse disorder. Gilbert added that they also have programs to help the families of those that are going through their patient-specific recovery treatments. She says that their treatments often include detox & stabilization, in-house treatments, intensive outpatient programs, and aftercare treatments such as their Sober Living and Rebound at Futures Experiential Programs.

Here are some reviews from those who have gone through their progressive treatment programs. MEP says, “It was an incredible experience! I was at my lowest low and the folks at futures as a whole were always there for me no matter what my mood or how sick I was. I was treated like a human being and helped to succeed even when I wanted to quit. I would go back just to say hi to the staff at FOPB. I want to thank them for saving my life.” Another from Casey states, “This place changed and saved my life. I am clean and sober going on 3 years! They really opened my mind about recovery and showed me there is more than one way to recover for me and my family. I chose this path and couldn't be happier!! I'll forever remember and appreciate my time at Futures in West Palm Beach!! I can now be a productive member of society again and a mother to my boys!!”

Those seeking to read this blog in its entirety or are looking for more information on the treatment options that Futures Recovery Healthcare offers can refer to the company website that was linked to above.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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