Pinnacle Treatment Centers Answers the Question ‘Is Drug Addiction A Disease’ in New Blog Post

May 22, 2020
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Pinnacle Treatment Centers has just released a new blog post titled ‘Is Drug Addiction A Disease’. They posted this article to give interested persons as much information on the basics of substance abuse as possible. Their treatment centers believe that when people are better informed about drug addiction, it helps them see better what they need to do to take their first steps on their journey to recovery. Pinnacle Treatment Centers are then there to help them on their path out of addiction with the goal being lifelong, sustainable recovery.

Melanie Eilers, Senior Director of Communications at Pinnacle Treatment Centers, says, “The best way that we can help someone who is going through substance abuse disorder or has a loved one struggling with it, is to give them the most accurate information that is known on the matter. This is exactly what we hope to accomplish with this new blog post. We wanted this article to clear up some common misconceptions about substance abuse and give a little more insight as to how this disease impacts those that have it. Once armed with this information, it gives someone seeking treatment for drug addiction for themselves or a loved one a good starting point to get the help that they so badly need.”

Is Drug Addiction A Disease

The blog article started by saying that drug addiction is also sometimes referred to as drug abuse, substance abuse, and substance use disorder. It noted that there are many long-standing stigmas surrounding anyone who has ever been labeled as suffering from drug addiction. The blog post continued to state that drug addiction is not simple to define as it’s a multifaceted issue that impacts people from all walks of life. It was also mentioned in the article that even though some trends follow those with substance abuse disorders, studies show that it’s a condition that does not discriminate. Individuals from all genders, education levels, family backgrounds, socio-economic levels, occupations, etc. have all found themselves in the grips of drug addiction. Highlighted in the opening paragraphs of the article was the misconception that people who suffer from drug addiction simply lack the morals or willpower to stop. This is because people who see someone self-destruct through drug abuse think if that person was stronger, more motivated, or simply cared more they would be able to easily quit. The article went on to add that this simply is not the case.

In the newly posted blog article, it also went on to say that there has been much new research done in the field of addiction, and experts definitely feel it’s a chronic disease that impacts the brain. This is because substance abuse is characterized by repetitive and compulsive drug-seeking despite the risk of or actual harmful consequences. This research strongly points to substance abuse being less of a choice in that it acts very similar to other diseases. The blog post also went on to talk about what causes drug addiction. It stated that as with other chronic diseases, addiction is often thought to be caused by a combination of factors such as biological, environmental, and behavioral conditions. Once a person starts abusing a substance, their brain changes along with that. A person’s brain then becomes rewired particularly in the reward, motivation, and memory sections.

Eilers went on to add that their centers’ treatments for substance abuse focus on kindness, compassion, and understanding. She says that they do this because they want to show those seeking help with substance abuse that they honor them as a person and respect their choices. They also fully understand the tremendous amount of bravery, humility, hope, and belief that it takes for someone to walk through their door seeking help. Pinnacle Treatment Centers has facilities in several states including Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and California. They are specialists when it comes to helping drug and alcohol. They offer progressive approaches to substance abuse treatment through in-patient, out-patient, medicine assisted, and other types of professional care.

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