Chicago Website Design SEO Company Shares How Web Design Can Help Small Businesses

May 18, 2020
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Chicago, Illinois based Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC) is reaching out to the community to share information on the benefits of professional web design for small businesses. It is the agency’s hope that this information will help local businesses give themselves the boost they need to reach a wider audience. Similarly, the agency asserts that they are always on hand to provide their professional assistance to small businesses that want to focus on their core services while their online presence is taken care of.

Building a successful business requires two main things: a good product and a reliable way to catch the customer’s attention. Today, the most effective way to bring a steady flow of customers to a company is to build a strong online presence, especially one that is targeted towards a certain demographic of visitors in an area. Eight out of ten customers make a company’s website their first stop before making a purchase, and what they find (or do not find) during this visit, will mark the difference between the company welcoming a new customer or simply another visitor who passes through without making a purchase.

“What your customers see when they enter your website will most likely be their first impression of your company, and it often ends up being the decisive factor between whether or not they choose your product or services,” says Jack Lombardi, founder and CEO of CWDSC. He adds that websites that feature an unappealing visual aesthetic or are difficult to navigate can discourage potential customers even if they were attracted by the product at first. In the worst case scenario, this may lead to them choosing to purchase a competitor’s products instead.

“DFY (Done For You) small business websites are very convenient,” says the company, “especially when you are busy running your business. Our process has you—the business owner—in mind, and our focus is making your experience as hands-off as possible This is the scope of what we at Chicago Website Design Company will handle on your behalf. Google loves content, so our writers will go to work describing your business and services to best convert visitors into buyers. If needed, we use some of the most talented artists in the business to design you a logo that people will remember. Images are important too—this is why we have access to millions of images that can be used to ‘paint a picture’ of the services you provide. Reliability is key, so we have partnered with the best in hosting to make sure your small business website will be up-and-running 99.5% of the time.”

CWDSC is one of the most distinguished website design companies in Chicago, enjoying an outstanding review rating across multiple platforms. On Yelp, they boast a perfect review score of 5 Stars, demonstrating the excellence of their services through the numerous positive comments that they have received from satisfied clients. One of their most recent Yelp reviews, written by Rudy B., says, “Jack and his staff have been great from the beginning. Results I was told to expect were right on track. I highly recommend using Chicago Website Design SEO Company for all of your SEO needs. I love their approach taken to maximize results. Jack took the time to explain things to me as I didn't have the best knowledge of how things worked. Great company and great honest/fair people to work with!”

In another comment, Lou L. says, “I never thought my business would ever be more than just word-of-mouth. I had just enough business to keep afloat. However, ever since we started using Chicago Website Design SEO Company, our business has boomed! I was referred by C&J services hearing and air company. Chicago Website Design SEO Company is the best in what they do. Actually, they are experts! Thank you, thank you! Keep up the hard work!”

The company’s website offers more details on Chicago Website Design SEO Company and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Jack Lombardi to follow up on any further inquiries as well. Similarly, the company can be reached through their social media platforms.

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