Reviewimo Helps People Prepare Their Cars for Summer with Liquid Glass Car Wax Reviews and More

May 18, 2020
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Reviewimo has announced the release of an article that reviews various liquid glass car wax, showing their top three choices to help people get their cars or vehicles ready for the summer. Liquid glass car wax does not only protect the paint of the car and make cleaning the outside of the vehicle much easier. The website has the goal of providing informative guides and reviews for various people, including car owners. This article can be accessed at

Mike Chrest from Reviewimo says, “It goes without saying that we want our cars to be of great value for potential resale and to simply last for a long time, have reliability. If you feel this way as much as we do, then you must keep it shine up through regular waxing to protect the paint while making cleaning the outside a lot easier. This is to ensure that your vehicle continues to look impressive and attractive to others while sporting a shiny surface. There are number of factors to consider when choosing the best liquid glass car wax for your particular vehicle, such as the age of the car, potential abrasion, plastic interior, and type of vehicle.”

It should be noted that relatively new cars, such as a one- or two-year-old car, will just need an easy spray car wax. It is also important to keep in mind that car waxes can wear out quickly and are therefore suitable for weekly applications and for special occasions. Wax treatment can freshen the appearance of a car but it cannot actually enhance a new car’s shine. Nevertheless, waxing can help in preserving the car’s finish as time passes by.

Another important factor to consider is the potential for abrasion. Some car waxes contain harsh chemicals and tiny particles that can cause tiny scratches on the car’s finish. It should also be noted that dark-colored cars tend to show scratches more easily compared to light-colored cars. Thus, car owners should be wary of car wax products that score low in the hazing and scratching tests. Such products with high abrasiveness can make the clear-coated surfaces of cars look cloudy or hazy.

Another consideration is the plastic interior of the car. If the car has plastic body panels, bumpers, and door trim, it is advisable to select a car wax that has scored high in the compatibility with plastic tests. And finally, the liquid glass car wax should match the type of vehicle. In the article, the top three liquid glass car wax products are the Liquid Glass LG-100 Polish, Meguiar’s G18216 Car Wax, and Finish Kare Hi-Temp.

Reviewimo has also published another article, which presents what they believe to be the top 10 fuel injector cleaners available on the market. The fuel injection system is designed to drive fuel into the car engine, making sure that the fuel levels are just enough, which directly affects the car’s energy efficiency. And it is the job of the fuel injector cleaner to ensure that the right amount of fuel is provided to the motor to boost its efficiency. The top three fuel injector cleaners, according to the article, are the 16 oz. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Fuel Treatment, Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment, and the 300 ml Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner.

The Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Fuel Treatment is considered by the author to be the best overall fuel injection cleaner in 2020. It is a pure petroleum product that actually functions as an additive to the fuel tank, carburetor, crankcase, and fuel injectors. It is provided as a kit that is easy and simple to use. It is able to free sticky lifters and rings, and it can eliminate fuel system moisture and cleanup the PCV valve.

Consumers have also discovered that the Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Fuel Treatment can be used as an oil and fuel additive prior to oil change. This is because it can liquefy internal engine contaminants or varnish and gum deposits. And it solubilizes moisture to eliminate fuel line freeze ups, or corrosive water or fuel mixtures. The above-mentioned article on fuel injector cleaners can be accessed at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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