All Clean Wants Area Home and Business Owners to Recognize the Importance of Regular Ogden Utah Air Duct Cleaning

May 22, 2020
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All Clean Air Duct Cleaning is a company that is known to take a caring, customer service-oriented approach to the way they conduct their business. This is the reason why this company would like all of their customers to know that it’s best to get their HVAC system’s air ducts cleaned regularly. They say it’s one of the best ways to promote better air quality in a home and make the air safer for everyone in a home to breathe.

Company owner, Daryl Olsen, talked more about this by saying, “Those people who come in from outside and then shut the door to their home thinking that they are now breathing higher quality air are totally wrong. Experts say that the air inside of a home is often as much as five times more polluted than the air outside of it. One of the main reasons for that is the air inside a home is not changed out that often. The same air that was present in the morning just continues to circulate throughout the day and usually all throughout the week too. This is especially true if a home’s windows have not been opened for a while. This is why routine duct cleaning is so highly recommended by professionals like me who are familiar with the important aspects of home air quality.”

Olsen says that there are many good reasons for someone to get their home HVAC air ducts regularly cleaned but it all centers around one main reason. He says that the reason is the large majority of the air in a person’s home will pass through their air ducts several times a day. It’s better to have this air pass through clean air ducts than to have it go through dirty and contaminated ones. The company owner says this has as much to do with common sense as with scientific research. This fact alone highlights the need for every HVAC owner to have their air ducts cleaned at least once a year.

According to Olsen, breathing cleaner air in the home is healthier. Proper duct cleaning will help get rid of such known respiratory irritants as pet dander, dust, and allergens. The fewer air contaminants a person breathes in the better and cleaner air ducts definitely help promote higher air quality. Getting air ducts cleaned can especially benefit those that suffer from asthma, allergies, or other upper respiratory conditions. He also mentioned that cleaner air ducts made it harder for dust and pet dander to collect on the side of the ductwork because it cuts down wind resistance as the air travels through it. This also helps keep mold and mildew building up on ductwork to a minimum. The company owner says that properly cleaned air ducts also increase airflow which can lead to increased HVAC efficiency too. More details about the importance of routine duct cleaning can be seen here on the company website at

Olsen also wants people to know that it's not just good enough to have any air duct cleaning company come to a home and do the job for the homeowner. He says those companies that claim they clan totally clean air ducts using extension poles and rotating scrubber brushes are not being truthful about what they can do. The majority of the top air duct cleaning companies such as his use what’s known as a negative air machine. This puts the entire ductwork under negative vacuum pressure that creates powerful suction. The company owner stated that when this is done in conjunction with the use of a sophisticated compressed air tool to brush and clean the surfaces of the ductwork, it’s the most impactful way to clean any type of ductwork. He emphasized that this is especially true on large size homes with extensive HVAC ductwork because it's impossible to reach every area of the ductwork with a rotary brushing tool. For those that are looking for more information on this Ogden area air duct cleaning services provider, they can find that information here at

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