All Clean Air Duct Cleaning Shares Useful Tips With Layton, Utah Homeowners

May 18, 2020
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Centerville, Utah based All Clean Air Duct Cleaning, a company that specializes in air duct and dryer vent cleaning, is issuing a public advisory on the importance of regularly cleaning and maintaining air ducts at home.

Daryl Olsen, a representative for All Clean Air Duct Cleaning, says, “If you have not had your air ducts cleaned in the last five years, then it is time to have a professional cleaning scheduled right away. Unbeknownst to many, contained in the hundreds of square feet of surface area in your air ducts are years of accumulation of dust, dirt, pollen, hair, spider webs, dead insects, dust mites and other allergens and impurities. The bacteria and the dirt trapped in your air ducts may contribute to the adverse effects of allergies, sinus problems and other health issues. Mold spores and moisture can also breed mold infestation in contaminated air duct systems.”

As noted in a blog post on the company’s website at, air duct cleaning is very important and should be done regularly. In addition to minimizing exposure to health risks, maintaining one’s air ducts also protects the heating and cooling system of the house in the long run. When there is too much debris in the air ducts, it can clod the coils of the air conditioner or contaminate the blower wheels and cause the heating and cooling system to malfunction. In addition, the quality of air in one’s home also highly depends on the state of the air ducts. If the ducts are clogged and full of dirt and bacteria, its residents will be more susceptible to various respiratory problems.

The company acknowledges the fact that the task of cleaning air ducts is not as easy as it looks. Other individuals or cleaning companies might use a vacuum hose with a rotating brush on the end (since this method is a lot cheaper and easier). However, All Clean Air Duct Cleaning asserts that this method is not thorough enough and therefore cannot clean larger ductwork properly. The company explains that the right way to clean air ducts is to use a negative air machine that puts the entire ductwork under negative vacuum pressure. Afterwards, a mechanical brush or a compressed air tool can be used to clean the surfaces of the ductwork. All Clean Air Duct Cleaning points out that they have the latest tools, equipment, negative air machine and mechanical brushes required to reach every corner of the ducts and ensure that all debris is cleaned after they are done with the cleaning job.

Olsen explains, “Our company has truck-mounted vacuum systems with compression facilities that operate at a high power to clean the ducts quickly. Air duct cleaning is not a task you can do alone because it requires years of experience using the proper tools and equipment to successfully remove all the contaminants in the air duct system. Fortunately, you need not to worry about this endeavor for we are here to help you do the hard work. Our team is very dedicated, and they will do their best to reach all the corners of the air ducts in your house and clean them properly.”

Olsen also asserts that All Clean Air Duct Cleaning is more than capable of getting the job done. He states that air duct cleaning requires the knowledge and experience of a good cleaning team, and the company takes pride in their dedicated and experienced technicians—who boast an excellent degree of training in the field. Olsen also points out that the company has already provided air duct cleaning in many homes in Layton, Utah and is ready to be of service to even more homes in the area. All Clean Air Duct Cleaning takes pride in offering services with the most pocket-friendly and reasonable prices. This is in line with the company’s mission to serve the local community first before thinking of making a profit.

Furthermore, the company also has invested in acquiring the latest and best machines for better cleaning. Aside from these special equipment, the company relies on specially formulated and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that can be safely sprayed into the air ducts to kill mold and bacteria in addition to eliminating odors. With this technology, the company is confident that they can make their customers’ air ducts as clean as possible.

Those interested may find more information on the company’s website at Furthermore, customers may connect with All Clean Air Duct Cleaning via social media to stay abreast of their latest news and important announcements.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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