Ogden Utah Carpet Cleaning Company Now Offering More Family and Pet Friendly Cleaning Services Than Ever Before

May 20, 2020
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Mr. Chem-Dry Ogden is pleased to now be offering more family and pet-friendly cleaning services than ever before. They realize how important it is for people not only to have a more sanitary home but also not to have harsh chemicals used to get it that way. The company’s carpet and other cleaning services use only non-toxic green cleaning formulas that leave no harmful residue to get their cleaning jobs done. They have also gone from a company that once mainly cleaned carpeting to one that now offers a variety of highly-rated family and pet-friendly cleaning services.

Company owner, Daryl Olsen, talked more about this by saying, “There are two important things that people want as far as their homes are concerned. That is, they want them to be both clean and safe. Here at Mr. Chem-Dry, we give our customers both of these at the same time. That’s because we use only green cleaning methods that have proven to be very safe and effective when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing any home.”

He says their most popular family and pet-friendly service is their all-natural Mr. Chem-Dry carpeting cleaning services. No area around the home attracts more dust, dirt, allergens, and other contaminants than carpeting does. Olsen says that’s because carpeting does not have a smooth surface like a tile or wood floor that is easy to clean. Contaminants that get in carpeting tend to become deeply embedded. That makes it extremely difficult to keep carpeting clean and sanitary with ordinary vacuuming or other types of household cleaning methods. The company owner went on to add that their carpet cleaning services harness the cleaning power of carbonated water that is heated to over 230-degrees by their truck-mounted equipment. This helps to eliminate deeply embedded allergens, bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants that are often found in carpeting when that water is subsequently extracted using powerful suction. Olsen stated their time-tested carpet cleaning process also uses 80% less water than other professional carpet cleaning companies typically use. That makes their service even more eco-friendly and it results in carpeting that typically dries within a few hours after the job is completed. More on the specifics of how Mr. Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning method works can be seen here at https://www.mrchemdry.com/ogden-utah-carpet-cleaning.html.

The company owner went on to state that they use this same family and pet-friendly hot carbonated water system to clean other fabrics and bare floors around a home too. This includes upholstery, throw rugs, drapery, curtains, and furniture. Olsen says Mr. Chem-Dry has also developed a very effective method to clean up pet urine accidents. He says this is one of the worst types of liquid to get on any carpet or other surface because it not only contains odor-causing elements but it also penetrates deeply and is extremely unsanitary. Ordinary cleaning methods do not do a great job of getting pet urine accidents out 100%. The company owner says that their hot carbonated cleaning process combined with their exclusive Pet Urine Removal Treatment® breaks pet urine done to the molecular level. This not only helps to remove it but it also eliminates the foul odor that often accompanies it.

Some of the newer family and pet-friendly services that the company offers include tile cleaning, water damage cleanup, and granite countertop restoration. Olsen says that his cleaning crews have become very good at cleaning ceramic tile, slate, marble, and the surrounding grout with their Chem-Dry Tile & Grout cleaning solutions. He says that its water damage cleanup service uses the same advanced hot carbonated water extraction systems that they use to clean carpeting. The company owner also mentioned the fact that their granite countertop restoration involves a three-step process that includes deep-cleaning, sealing, and polishing. Once the project has been completed and dries, it leaves no lingering residue that is harmful to humans or pets.

Mr. Chem-Dry not only serves the Ogden, Utah area but also provides top-notch carpet cleaning services in the cities of Salt Lake, Centerville, and Sandy and services Davis, Weber, and Salt Lake counties too. For those that need more information on this company’s advanced carpet cleaning or other services, this information can be seen here at https://www.mrchemdry.com/.

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