Battle Born Painting Offers Commercial Sanitizing Services

May 19, 2020
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Battle Born Painting, based in Reno, Nevada, has announced that they have assembled a Sanitizing Response Team to help local businesses deal with the challenges of Covid-19 sanitation. They offer three levels of protection through their commercial sanitizing services and their team members are fully trained in the proper use of the sanitizing equipment, products, and procedures. They make use of EPA registered disinfecting agents and ultraviolet light that have been all proven to be effective against coronavirus.

Will Reyes, President of Battle Born Painting, says, “To help contain COVID-19 and other harmful viruses from their potential to grow into a pandemic or economic disaster, owners and operators of commercial buildings have the responsibility to take appropriate precautionary measures and to organize an effective response. If you believe or know your building has been contaminated, Battle Born can help.”

He continues, “We have assembled a Battle Born Sanitizing (BBS) COVID-19 Response Team to assist commercial entities in planning for and deploying effective protection against this viral threat. Our focus is to protect commercial-use buildings with large populations, like gyms, schools, daycare centers, office buildings and restaurants. Our process can also work effectively on public transportation vehicles, like buses and taxi cabs.”

Will Reyes points out that the BBS Response Team has experience in 100 percent surface sanitation coverage for all types of facilities. They have adequate training in treating items that have been exposed to norovirus, Ebola, MRSA, and other viral contagions such as Covid-19. The team is provided with state of the art equipment, tools, and products, such as ultraviolet light and EPA registered disinfecting agents that have been proven effective against different strains of coronavirus. Their full service approach to biohazard decontamination has been ascertained to be compliant with local, national, and international regulations.

Level 1 protection is for businesses who want to practice precautionary measures. This is for businesses with no known contamination but want to maintain safe and sanitary environments for employees and customers. For this level, semi-annual disinfection is provided by the BBS Response Team, using EPA registered peroxide-based cleaners or chlorine and proper waste disposal. The treatments can be done during off-hours to prevent disruption of business.

Level 2 protection is for businesses with possible exposure. This is for businesses or public spaces with suspected exposure to Covid-19 (an infected person is present in the building). This requires a detailed 10-foot down disinfection and deep clean decontamination to be performed by the BBS team. The recommendation is to perform this kind of sanitation four to six times a year by the Battle Born Painting team of specialized decontamination and sanitation technicians.

Level 3 protection is for businesses or public spaces with confirmed exposure to Covid-19. This necessitates customized protocols that are specific to the site to ensure complete and proper decontamination. The BBS team will work directly with the client for the creation of a custom plan that will be able to effectively protect the health of employees, customers, and communities while mitigating the impact on business operations.

The BBS decontamination team are properly trained in the use of sanitizing equipment and chemicals. They will follow the appropriate protocols and they will wear the necessary personal protection equipment, such as eye protection, respirators, gloves and coveralls. They will use EPA registered chlorine or peroxide-based cleaners that are known to be highly effective against Covid-19 and other harmful viruses. These chemicals are for the disinfection of non-porous surfaces and there will be no corrosive residues left. They are dye free and have light to zero fragrance.

They will utilize UV Mobile Room Sanitizers, which have been specifically designed for disinfection of surfaces that have been exposed to bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Here UV-C energy is used to deactivate microorganisms using germicidal ultraviolet lamps that emit UV radiation by ionizing low pressure mercury vapor.

They will also use shockwave disinfectant for dispersing sanitizing chemicals and disinfect surfaces. This is ideal for hidden surfaces and high touch ares like door handles, railings, lockers, furniture, and more.

Those who are interested and would like to request a quote for the commercial sanitizing service offered by Battle Born Painting may want to visit their website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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