Roof.Net Is Reminds Homeowners That a Roof Inspection Should be Considered an Essential Spring Maintenance Task

May 18, 2020
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Roof.Net Is encouraging homeowners to be proactive and schedule an all-important roof inspection as early as possible this spring. This reputable Northern Virginia area roofer says that homeowners would be wise to consider this an essential spring maintenance task. They say that failure to do this can leave any home vulnerable when wet spring weather arrives. More on the roof inspection services that this contractor offers can be seen here at

Owner Ken Briesemeister talked about this more by saying, “Although it’s not always obvious, just about every roof in Fairfax, Virginia and the surrounding areas took a beating this winter. That means there is always a chance that some damage has been done to your roof during that time. This damage may simply be cosmetic or it could be something worse like structural damage or a roof leak. Whatever the case, we highly recommend that you get your roof inspected by experienced roofing professionals like myself. It’s the best way to give yourself the peace-of-mind that your roof has survived the winter and is ready to shed the heavy spring rains that will eventually be here. Roofing professionals like me cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting a spring roof inspection done. Best of all, most of our roof inspections are done free of charge so a homeowner has little to lose by scheduling a roof inspection as soon as possible.”

Briesemeister went on to remind people that spring is a very busy time for most roofing companies. He says that because of this customers should call and schedule their roof inspections early. That way they can get on the schedule first and they will also be higher up in the queue if the roof inspection reveals that they need to get some additional roof repairs done. He also mentioned that homeowners with older roofs should be particularly concerned with how their roof made it through the long winter. These are roofs that are 15-years or older. The owner says that even a small amount of damage over the winter such as ice moving flashing out of place or heavy snow displacing shingle is enough to cause a roof leak. Briesemeister pointed out that even small leaks can do extensive structural damage to a home if they go unnoticed for a long time. More about this preferred Northern Virginia roofing company’s services can be seen here on YouTube at

The company says that at the very least a homeowner should do a self-inspection of their roof. He cautions that this does not mean he encourages a homeowner to get up on their roof and look around themselves. That is best left to a professional that knows how to do this expertly and safely. Briesemeister just means that the homeowner should stand back and look at their roof from the ground and see if they detect any visible signs of roof damage. This includes such things as missing shingles, obvious dips in the roof, or area where the shingle or other roof coverings appear to have bubbled up. He added that water stains in an attic or the smell of mold and mildew inside it can also be signs of winter roof damage. Abnormal amounts of shingle debris coming down the downspouts can also be a big concern. The company owner suggests that any homeowner that notices these signs of roofing damage should call and schedule a professional roof inspection.

Briesemeister added that if an inspection they do reveals a roof repair is necessary, has the experienced personnel and equipment necessary to do any size roof repair. He says that includes everything from replacing a few shingles to doing an entire roof replacement. This company also has an impressive rating on its Google Maps Business Listing. When the 395 reviews that have been left on the company on this web page are averaged together, they rate an almost unheard of 5 out of a possible 5-stars. This rating and its associated reviews can be seen here at

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About is an A+ rated roofing contractor specializing in roof repair and replacement located in Fairfax Virginia and servicing all of northern VA. Contact Ken Briesemeister for more information.


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