New GadgetSource USA Blog Post Reveals Why Wearing a Shoulder Brace May Be Highly Beneficial

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GadgetSource USA has just posted a blog article on their website which goes into detail as to why wearing a shoulder brace can be highly beneficial to those who suffer from bad posture and other back, neck, and shoulder ailments. The blog mentioned some of the major causes of back problems and why it’s important to get them corrected as soon as possible. It also pointed out that using a back support brace is one of the most doctor-recommended means for helping people try to cope with and heal spine and posture-related problems.

The blog post was written based on some research that was done by a victim of a stabbing during a robbery. This injury left the writer with extensive neck and upper shoulder cramping and spikes of persistent pain. That person wanted to know how the stabbing impacted these areas and what could help ease his discomfort. A back and shoulder support brace turned out to be just what the blog writer needed to cope with these injuries. The blog then went on to further discuss the Upper Limb Orthotics that directly relate to back, spine, and shoulder pain. This was done in the form of excerpts that were taken from an Assistive Technology guide that was written by actual Clinicians. These excerpts went on to describe how several pathologies point to the use of a shoulder orthosis such as shoulder braces to help with acute to chronic pain that stems from neck, shoulder, and spine injuries and disabilities.

The article post even had an embedded YouTube video that shows how the back posture corrector that GadgetSource USA currently carries and sells can help with the problems discussed in the blog post. Company spokesperson, Dan LHeureux, had this to say about the particular shoulder brace that they offer, “There are millions of people in the USA that suffer from many different types of spine, neck, and shoulder related ailments. Many of these problems can be directly linked to those that have bad posture. That’s not surprising because there are so many activities that people do during each day that go against the ways that our body's spine, neck, and shoulders were meant to function. These include such activities as sitting hunched over at a desk looking at a computer screen, sitting unnaturally in a car seat for long periods, and by people pushing their spine, neck, and shoulder joints range of motion to extremes while exercising or playing sports. When discomfort, pain, and other ailments result because of bad posture, using a shoulder posture brace is one means that may help improve comfort and speed healing. There is also the possibility that wearing one of these devices can prevent spine, neck, and shoulder pain from recurring.”

LHeureux went on to talk more about their popular shoulder brace. He says that it’s made to attempt to help align a person’s shoulders, spine, and upper back. It is intended to help improve posture and reduce slouching immediately thanks to its easily adjustable dual strap design. The company spokesperson says that their shoulder brace is made using mostly lightweight padded neoprene and it can be worn comfortably under or over clothing. Those who have worn it believe it will help them overcome the neck and back discomfort that occur from such activities as sitting with rounded shoulders in front of the computer. LHeureux added that it is suitable for all-day use and is nearly invisible when worn under a shirt. The company spokesperson also went on to point out several other features of their posture correcting shoulder brace. He says that it’s highly adjustable in size due to the way the straps are set up and it can be adjusted to fit chest circumferences from 28 to 48 inches. The built-in adjustment straps are latex-free and breathable. When properly adjusted the shoulder brace will help pull the upper back into its correct position. LHeureux also mentioned that their back-support brace is made to be worn 10 – 20 minutes initially and then increased by 10 mins per day thereafter.

For those that would like to see the blog post mentioned above in its entirety or want more information on GadgetSource USA’s Spine Brace Support, these can be viewed on the company’s website.

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