Lengthy Glowing Review Applauds the Effort of a Dentist in San Gabriel During This Time of Crisis

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A recent review that was written on InStyle Dental of San Gabriel, cited how this dental office went above and beyond for a recent patient that was suffering from an extremely painful toothache. Although the office was technically closed out of concerns during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, they made an exception to help this young patient who was obviously in need of urgent dental care. The review was written by the girl’s highly appreciative father and was left on the business overwatch site on April 9, 2020.

In the above-mentioned review Steve Y. writes, "Let me first state that I am in the group that only writes a business review when I've either had a terrible experience or an exemplary one. In this instance, InStyle Dental absolutely came through for my family. Living through unprecedented times with the Covid-19 pandemic, our 5-year-old daughter was experiencing extreme tooth pain this past week. She was scheduled to have several cavity fillings this month with her current pediatric dentist but their practice was closed and they were not seeing any patients during this time. The only option they offered was a referral to a dental surgeon to have her teeth extracted which was not a viable consideration as her adult molars were not expected to grow in for another 5-6 years. Feeling deserted and frustrated in a time of need, we searched Yelp and came across InStyle Dental's highly rated business. We were very fortunate to find out that Dr. Kar was available and was willing to see patients in emergency instances and we were able to schedule an appointment the following day. Considering that this was our daughter's first in-depth dental experience, Dr. Kar and his assistant Michael were nothing short of amazing. Their calm demeanors and approach kept our daughter feeling comfortable throughout the whole procedure. The facility is top-notch, the equipment is state of the art and all of the instruments were clean and or wrapped which included the tv remote. With Netflix available, our daughter kept still for the duration as she was able to choose her favorite Power Rangers show which kept her mind busy and at ease. In this time of stress, my wife and I are very thankful for Dr. Kar. Our daughter is no longer in pain, is able to eat again, and is back to her happy self. We would 100% recommend InStyle Dental to all."

There have been some 51 patient testimonials written about this dental office and left on the Yelp website. The vast majority of them have been overwhelmingly positive such as the one seen above. Most of these reviews specifically mention that not only were the dental services that they received were top-notch but also that the staff has done a great job of creating an atmosphere at the office that is friendly and welcoming.

Office administrator Carolina Rodriguez had this to say about how much reviews such as this one help shape their future services, “There are several ways that a dental practice can judge their performance. None are better for doing that than the reviews our customers’ leave on the dental services they received. Both positive and negative feedbacks are used to help shape how we conduct our dental services in the future. The fact that Steve took the time to write a lengthy review means that in his case we really got it right in every way during his daughter’s dental visit. Not only are we exceptionally proud of a review like that but we will continue to offer dental services in that same manner which will hopefully produce more exceptional reviews such as this one.”

Rodriguez went on to say that InStyle Dental is a full-service dental practice. They provide a wide range of family, pediatric, and orthodontic dental services. The office administrator says that they practice the latest and best dental methods and their treatments are done in a 100% patient-focused manner. She added that those who want more information on their San Gabriel-based dental services or wish to schedule an appointment are welcome to contact them by phone or email.

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