MN Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorney Helps Individuals During COVID-19 Pandemic

April 28, 2020
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Minneapolis, MN based Ryan Garry LLC is reaching out to reassure the communities they serve that their sex crimes defense attorneys will continue to provide their services during the COVID-19 pandemic. This policy extends to new cases as well as those that are already going through the criminal justice system. Furthermore, given the need to maintain safe social distancing, the firm asserts that they are implementing a variety of measures to ensure their clients will be able to reach them through alternate means. Learn more about the firm and their work in the field at the following link: Ryan Garry LLC, Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyer.

As Ryan Garry LLC points out, sex crimes are given a great deal of attention in Minnesota, as they are across the rest of the US. In addition to carrying extremely stiff penalties, such as mandatory prison sentences, prosecutors tend to take a vested interest in ensuring that the defendant in question is found guilty. Courts may also be influenced to take a much harsher approach to a sex crimes case due to the input of victim advocates and other individuals who attempt to convince the presiding judge to deliver the maximum penalty possible. Defendants should be aware that a conviction can follow them for the rest of their lives as well, given that they would be required to register as a criminal sexual and predatory offender upon reentry into society. This is also the case if the defendant is charged with a felony level criminal sexual conduct offense and is convicted of a crime that is not even related to the original offense.

MN Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorneys

Ryan Garry LLC states, “A conviction, therefore, can make it incredibly difficult for you to live a normal life even after the penalties, such as a prison term, are behind you. You will find that it affects your future living conditions, job opportunities and social outreach as well. It is in your best interest to fight off a conviction with every tool at your disposal, and your attorneys at Ryan Garry LLC will be able to give you all the support you need.” The firm adds that any party who believes themselves the subject of an investigation should reach out to a reputable criminal sexual conduct lawyer as soon as possible in order to begin building their defense (as well as to receive guidance on avoiding any actions that could hurt them in court). Find out more about the team at Ryan Garry LLC here: Ryan Garry, Criminal Defense Attorneys.

As the firm points out, anyone can be charged with a sex crime offense regardless of their background or social standing. Furthermore, the intense scrutiny that the subject receives makes it more likely for those in law enforcement to error on the side of caution and make an arrest based on the alleged victim’s testimony alone. In fact, the firm has represented multiple individuals who were accused of crimes they did not commit.

Fortunately for those who find themselves in this position, Ryan Garry LLC is considered a leading firm in the field, and they specialize in handling criminal trials. Their years of experience have led them to defend clients charged with a plethora of sex crimes, and their highly illustrative case history is a testament to their ability to protect an individual from the adverse effects of charges, convictions, prison sentences and registration requirements. Learn more at the following link: Ryan Garry - Sex Crimes Attorney.

Ryan Garry LLC enjoys a distinctly positive reputation among their clients for the sheer strength of the legal services they offer. For instance, in a 5-Star Google review (that does not necessarily refer to a sex crimes case), a client shares that, “Ryan and staff came highly recommended by a good friend after we found ourselves in a challenging situation. During this stressful time for our family, Ryan was extremely professional and kept us up to date on all of his interactions and next steps. His response was always in a timely manner anytime day or night. This case did not go to court because of Ryan and his preparation to defend my family member. I would highly recommend Ryan and staff for future attorney needs. Thank you, Ryan and staff, for making this the best holiday ever!”

Clients may reach out to Ryan Garry in order to follow up on any further inquiries or schedule a consultation. They may also reach out to the firm via phone, email or other non-personal contact means to learn how they can maintain social distancing while exploring their legal options.

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