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Legacy Healing Center An Addiction Treatment Center In Delray Beach Florida Offers Specialized Treatment For First Responders

April 16, 2020
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Legacy Healing Center, First Responder Specialized Addiction Care

Delray Beach, Florida: Legacy Healing Center, with locations in Margate, Pompano Beach, and Delray Beach recently published a new page on their website on addiction treatment for first responders. Legacy Healing Center has worked extensively with first responders and union members, with several individuals among their staff having first responder backgrounds.

Because first responders and union members are often on the front lines of crises, they face special challenges and unique pressures stemming from their work culture.

In order to deal with the stress and trauma sustained on the job, it is unfortunately common for first responders to develop drinking and substance abuse problems as a means to self-medicate. First responders struggling with addiction require individualized care to help them cope with the trauma they have faced.

Legacy Healing Center’s experienced and highly trained staff is able to identify and resolve the unique challenges faced by first responders and union members.

Those challenges may include work-related traumatic events, depression, anxiety, as well as a possible drinking culture in the work environment.

Since the first responders are the ones sought out for help, they often have difficulty asking for help for themselves. This, coupled with a fear of losing their job and of disappointing their team often results in delaying, or not getting help when it is critically needed.

Legacy Healing Center’s team of professionals understands the unique needs of first responders; they provide a treatment curriculum that is specifically designed to address these individual challenges and get them back to doing the work they love.

Understanding the Needs of First Responders. Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, search and rescue personnel, and EMTs voluntarily place themselves in dangerous situations on a daily basis. They experience traumatic situations and face difficult challenges that civilians are not exposed to. This stress and anxiety could lead to substance abuse as first responders struggle to find ways to cope, but unfortunately, this also can - and does - lead to addiction.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), as many as 30 percent of first responders struggle with their mental health as a direct result of the stress that their jobs entail.

Legacy Healing Center brings hope and healing to all the brave people on the front lines.

Legacy Healing Center recognizes that untreated mental health problems are one of the leading causes of substance use disorder. First responders deal with post-traumatic stress disorder as well as depression, meaning they are more vulnerable to substance abuse as a means of self-medication.

This is why Legacy Healing Center utilizes specialized treatment programs to assist their first responder and union member clientele. Legacy Healing Center’s approach to recovery is holistic and involves treating co-occurring conditions.

Treatment for Those Who Protect and Serve Others. Addiction treatment programs for first responders are backed by Legacy Healing Center’s team of dedicated healthcare professionals. Many members of the team have been first responders themselves, and therefore understand what clients are going through.

Legacy Healing Center is dedicated to serving those who protect and serve others. The behavioral health center offers a wide range of holistic health and recovery programs that are customized to treat first responders and their specific needs. This includes: Identification and treatment of co-occurring mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Treatment alongside other first responders or union members. Behavioral therapy and treatment plans that are customized for first responders or union members. Healthcare professionals with experience as first responders. Comprehensive treatment plans that address physical dependence, mental health, and holistic healing needs.

Legacy Healing Center is committed to building hope and helping clients create stable support networks. The facility uses an individualized, client-centered approach that is designed to lay a foundation for anyone who wants to recover. For help with addiction, please call Legacy Healing Center today.

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