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Orange Personal Injury Lawyer Video Chats and Teleconferences with Clients to Ensure Social Distancing

May 04, 2020
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Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County, a personal injury law firm based in Orange, California, has revealed that they are using video chat and teleconferencing when discussing cases with clients. This is to ensure social distancing and to ensure the safety of their clients and lawyers during the present Covid 19 pandemic situation. People can call them on the phone or go to their website for more information on video chat consultation for work injury, car accident, motorcycle accident, or some other personal injury situation during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Alexander D. Napolin from Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County says, “We practice social distancing while protecting your legal rights. Do not wait a month or longer to get the guidance that you need right now to preserve the value of your case. Let's get through this together by utilizing technology to curb the spread of COVID19 and get you the help that you need concerning your accident injury.”

Personal Injury Lawyer Orange California

People who have been injured because of an accident in their place of work may want to take advantage of the free case consultation being offered by the law firm. They also provide a no win, no fee promise, which means that the client will need not pay any attorney fees or costs unless the case is successful. There will be no hidden fees and no hidden terms. Their practice areas include accident injuries, car accidents, employment law, medical malpractice, torts and injuries, personal injury, product liability, and workers compensation law.

There are two types of injuries that are covered under workers compensation. The first type of mechanism of injury is one that happens while at work from a specific instance of trauma to the body, for instance a slip and fall that resulted into a broken leg. The second type of recognized mechanism arises from repetitive tasks such as typing that results into carpal tunnel syndrome. Psychiatric disorder and toxic exposure cases may also be covered under each mechanism depending on the situation. However, it should be noted that psychiatric disorder cases have unique rules under Labor Code Section 3208.3. Thus, consulting with a lawyer when claiming for psychiatric disorder is always required.

Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County can also help with car accident cases. However, it should be noted that such cases do not only deal with personal injury law but also traffic law. For example, drivers who run a red light and then hit another car are not just potentially liable for the injuries suffered by the driver and passengers of the other car, including physical damages to the car, but they have also broken traffic rules. Victims of car accidents need to realize that they are entitled to compensation that is above and beyond the money needed to fix the car. Car accidents often not just result into medical costs but also other things such as physical rehabilitation and even lost wages because the victim has to spend some time away from work while still recovering from the injuries. Later on, victims may also need to go for doctors appointments, which will also interrupt their work.

Unlike in workers compensation law where it does not matter who was at fault, in car accidents, one of the most vital steps to take is determining which of the two or more parties was at fault. This may not be as simple as finding out “who hit who.” Traffic laws also vary substantially depending on the state. In some states, a higher level of protection is given to people like bike riders. Other states would require motorcycle riders to comply with a different set of rules than those for passenger vehicles. Furthermore, the situation can become more complicated when the accident involves a commercial vehicle such as a semi-truck.

Those who need a workers compensation lawyer in Orange County, California, may want to check out the Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open for business from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Or people may want to check out their Facebook page at

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