Murray Utah Water Damage Cleanup Company Points Out the Reasons Why Small Leaks Need to Be Repaired Right Away

April 15, 2020
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Centerville, Utah-based cleanup service, The Flood Company, has worked on many different water damage situations. Many of these water damage problems were not caused by big flooding events like most people would expect but instead were rooted in leaks that would be considered by some not to be anything major. That’s why the company strongly suggests that even the smallest plumbing leaks should be resolved as quickly as possible.

Company owner, Daryl Olsen, had this to say about how rapidly small leaks can turn into big, expensive problems, “When people think of water damage caused by flooding, they tend to think of worst-case scenarios where rising waters from a creek or river inundate a neighborhood. Fortunately, those types of events represent a very small fraction of the business that we do. More often than not, it’s little nuisance leaks that have been ignored or gone attended which require our water damage cleanup services. That fact of the matter is you don’t have to have wide-scale flooding to need water damage restoration services. You don’t even need the water damage to be obvious such as the saturation of carpeting. Even a small amount of moisture can have devastating effects by doing things such as causing wood rot and mold. That is why we encourage people never to put off repairing even the smallest leaks in a home or business. It’s also a good idea to have home or building plumbing inspections performed yearly.”

Olsen went on to say that the biggest problem associated with small leaks is not always water saturation. Often it’s the amount of moisture that is retained by a building or home’s support structure and organic materials. He wanted people to note that it only takes as little as a 17% moisture content in wood or fibers for mold growth to start to take place. Mold can cause extensive damage to the materials that it grows on, severely impact home air quality, and can cause a foul smell that makes it hard to stay in a room for long. The company owner stated that they have the proper equipment to eliminate mold growth within the first few days after a flooding event occurs but if water damage cleanup is put off longer than that, there will most likely be some demolition involved to eradicate an extensive mold problem. More on the problems that mold growth causes and how the company handles removing it can be seen here at

He went on to give a current job they are working on as an example of how even a small leak can snowball and cause a large amount of damage over time. Olsen says they are now working on a project in a condo where there was a leaky toilet in a 2nd story bathroom. Eventually, the leak worked its way through the walls and ceilings into the rooms below. It impacted the bathroom where the leak originated and seven other rooms on the first floor. This leaked caused extensive visible and hidden water damage that will take all of the company’s experiences and resources to make right. Olsen says the project is still ongoing and so far the estimated cost of repair is around $35,000.

Olsen also talked about some of the types of small leaks they have seen in the past that led to major water damage cleanup and repairs needing to be done. This list includes leaky refrigerator lines, corroding water heaters, hidden dishwasher connection leaks, and leaks in cabinets underneath of sinks. The company owner mentioned that the first step their experienced techs will take when called to a home with water damage is to try to pinpoint the source. He says that’s because their efforts will be futile unless that leak is stopped first. Once a leak is detected and repaired, Olsen says they then use advanced water extraction and drying equipment to get up any excess water and prevent mold growth.

For more information on the company’s Water Damage Clean Up or other services, Olsen says people can refer to their website at

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