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Maggie Flanigan Studio Summer Programs For Acting New York are Drawing Rave Reviews

April 29, 2020
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New York, New York -

Those considering attending summer programs for acting New York will want to consider the Maggie Flanigan Studio’s offering. It is drawing extremely positive reviews from former students. Yael Eitan, an actress currently appearing in “The Spy,” from Netflix, attended the Studio’s summer course and made a filmed, glowing review of her experiences there.

summer programs for acting New York

She said, “In class, it’s like everything is in the moment. You get to work from your defense mechanism and your vulnerability, and it makes you feel so alive.”

Another very positive review was from RoseAnne Vau about her training at the studio. Ms. Vau said, “Maggie Flanigan is easily one of the finest and in-depth acting teachers in America. Her training, for me, changed my entire perspective and grounded me in a clear understanding of what it means to craft a moment, craft a role. Her passion will challenge you on a level you haven't ever known. I truly wish I could relive the two years she transformed my sense of truth and honed my BS detector.”

Maggie Flanigan Studio’s summer acting programs for adults NYC include both a conservatory program or students can elect to take a Meisner acting only course. The latter is the school of acting that the Studio uses (the Meisner Technique) which was developed by celebrated teacher Sanford Meisner. It is said to be a technique that helps actors to stay fully in the moment during acting, as well as in everyday life.

Ms. Flanigan trained with Meisner herself and has made it her life’s work to preserve his technique and to teach it to others. Charlie Sandlan is now the Executive Director of the studio and is the Head of Acting and a Master Teacher.

This is not an ordinary acting program, however, where anyone can just pay a fee and show up. Prospective students at the Maggie Flanigan studio will need to apply and then have a phone interview with Mr. Sandlan before they are actually accepted into the program.

Mr. Sandlan said, “I love actors. I am passionate about working with serious students who want to spend their lives illuminating the human condition. Our incredible faculty and I are committed to each student’s artistic development and hold the highest expectations in order to provide them the opportunity to fulfill their artistic goals.”

The Maggie Flanigan Studio is one of the most prestigious and well-known of the NYC summer drama program, and they have students who come from all over the world. Yael Eitan, who is originally from Israel, said that her training at the Maggie Flanigan Studio made her re-think her approach to roles she’d played in the past and how she approached them.

“I discovered that I had ‘selective hearing,’” she said. “Did I miss that? What is that? What is this block that you put on?” because you have a specific idea?” That surprised me because I always thought I was aware of subtexts. Yes. Well, it turned out that I’m not as good as I thought. That’s amazing because to see where I started the first class and the 18th class, it’s like day and night.”

Charlie Sandlan is concerned about the state of affairs for American actors in general, and the school he heads is working steadily to remedy the situation. He said, “Actors in this country are fooled into thinking that they need to spend their money for the opportunity to get in front of a casting director or agent. That’s now the popular fraud in NYC and LA.”

What they really need, he continued, is “ understanding that craft and technique are essential, and a realization that talent by itself doesn’t mean a damn thing, is a good place to start."

summer drama program

The reality at the Maggie Flanigan studio and the work carried on by Sandlan and the other faculty is that they are teaching actors to work with their whole selves and to learn to hone their instrument and develop pride and craftsmanship in their work. The rave reviews tell the story.

Prospective students who have questions about acceptance into the studio should visit the Maggie Flanigan Studio website and apply online before calling the studio at (917) 789-1599. This year’s summer acting program is scheduled to begin on July 20.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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