Kennected Advises on How to Make the Net Work During the Coronavirus Pandemic

April 06, 2020
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Kennected, a lead generation company, has recently posted an article titled, “Corona Virus Pandemic- Make Your Net, Work.” They want to point out that in spite of the precarious times, there are still new prospects out there. And with companies having most of their employees working digitally at home because of the pandemic, finding new prospects and reaching out to them digitally to establish new relationships is just a click away. This situation makes the Kennected lead generation tool even more effective.

Devin Johnson from Kennected says, “ features seamless integration using our interface between LinkedIn and Hubspot for updating data fields. Our integration outreach with Anymailfinder, and FindThatLead lets you discover new prospects from a variable plethora of available leads. Once you’ve found these potential clients, we’re here to help lead them directly your way on a 24/7 basis.”

The Kennected platform will allow marketers to reach out to new prospects while maintaining their digital distance. They will also provide users the ability to select who to contact and avoid oversaturating their contact lists with inquiries. Furthermore, they work with the most active business websites that continually attract a worldwide slate of talent in every possible location.

In the present time where there’s confusion and lack of involvement, and many companies are floundering, there remains a chance to benefit from it all. Through the Kennected platform, marketers have a chance to line up those prospects they never thought they would be able to reach. This platform provides the in-company network of marketers many ways to adroitly manage their current campaigns. Marketers would also be able to easily make some necessary modifications and add new marketing incentives to their present campaigns. Furthermore, marketers would be able to create new campaigns and show them to prospective clients while competitors are at home as they take the usual “wait and see” approach. Marketers would be able to contact prospects on a personalized basis, allowing them to build rapport with leads.

Once marketers are able to use the Kennected platform to get new leads, all they need to do is to use the platform to check responses through the Responses tab on the Kennected dashboard. Through this, they can take a look at the accumulated response data and profiles of targeted leads. They may also be able to delete users that don’t fit their criteria, or access previous conversations with leads to contact them again.

The Kennected dashboard provides marketers all the tools that they require to track each of their digital outreaches. While marketers are managing their campaign, the data provided by Kennected are vital in knowing who’s who and how exactly they can be reached. With those added insights, it would be easier to make decisions and it would involve much less of a gamble of resources.

Every step of the way, the Kennected platform will help marketers contact prospective clients. This platform is also the right place to work with Sales Navigator to design and reconfigure sequences in the business campaign as marketers proceed with their plans.

With the Kennected platform, leads will never feel that they are just a part of a mass mailing campaign. The automated platform will allow marketers to contact and then follow up with leads in such a way that they will get requests and responses as if these have been sent individually. The leads will think that each mail has been sent manually because the automated system was established using a creative approach. Marketers can also use Kennected to preset the number of days in which the automated platform will follow up with a lead. And the platform will also notify marketers when there is a response from a lead or the messages have stopped, all the while making sure that leads are not overwhelmed and feel pressured. Johnson also stated, "Lead flow is king. And Kennected puts your lead generation campaigns on autopilot."

People who are interested in increasing their revenue during the coronavirus pandemic by leveraging their present network of people and expanding this network while everybody is working digitally at home may want to visit the Kennected website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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