Kennected Shows Businesses How To Use Linkedin And Other Platforms To Stay In Touch During Coronavirus Pandemic

April 06, 2020
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LinkedIn outreach automation specialist Kennected is taking steps to raise awareness among business owners of the ways they can maintain team cohesion during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having worked to build online relationships between various entities, the company has a wealth of insight to share on the subject.

While many businesses are being forced to severely reduce their services and drastically limit interaction between their employees, it has become more crucial than ever for managers and business owners to engage in innovative team building strategies to keep morale high as well as support their most essential operations in order to survive until the pandemic is over. This is especially true for businesses and personnel that have been deemed ‘essential’ in this time of crisis, but many other businesses can still find an advantage in employing team building exercises despite the lack of face-to-face interaction. The issue, then, is in precisely how employees can engage in such exercises while having to practice safe social distancing.

Fortunately, Kennected believes they have the answer. Sharing their perspective via a post published on their website, the company says, “For many, this is a time of great economic uncertainty. However, for us, this is a time of considerable economic opportunity. By building a culture dependent on who we are, not where we meet, making staying in touch a priority, and through training and adapting, not only will we be able to survive but we will be able to thrive as a result.”

Kennected states that more and more businesses should be looking for ways to conduct virtual team building sessions. In other words, conversations and working relationships that were once built in office spaces, such as the break room and around the water cooler, will now have to be moved to electronic mediums. Be it video conferencing, telephone calls or even emails, Kennected reassures their community that this necessity should not be seen exclusively as a disadvantage. In fact, they wish to share advice on other means by which companies can employ existing technological infrastructure to carry out their meetings and group sessions.

“For those instances where a one on one meeting is desirable,” the company explains, “Skype works exceptionally well. Likewise, if you are looking to have more than one other party present, Zoom offers a number of options that fit the requirements of many small businesses. Likewise, other providers like GoTo Meeting offer increased functionality.” Whatever the means used, however, Kennected advises that proper decorum be recognized where necessary.

In video calls between employees and management personnel, for instance, it is probably better for all parties present to dress in attire they would normally wear in person. The venue and platform may have changed, but the formal relationships between staff likely have not. In addition, maintaining appearances and implementing as many business-as-usual procedures as possible (or reasonable) can help engender a feeling of familiarity and comfort. This can help employees settle into their new circumstances with fewer hiccups. Team building during Coronavirus will be also much easier if everyone is at ease.

Notably, Kennected is quick to point out that a completely formal setting may not be appropriate or even practical at all times. They explain that, “business owners can also utilize a number of different, more informal methods to stay in touch. Many of these are text-based, harkening back to the old days of AIM and ICQ. Slack is by far the most famous, and offers a great deal of functionality for free. Likewise, Google Hangouts is also a great option. Even LinkedIn has a great messaging platform built into its functionality. These allow you to attach files, save conversations and jump on a video call if greater clarification is necessary.”

The company does caution managers and business owners against using these apps to check on their employees more often than is necessary. Given that many if not all telecommuters are currently working from their own homes, too much oversight may feel intrusive, ultimately proving detrimental to team morale and efficiency.

The full article explores many more aspects of the subject, and all interested parties are welcome to learn more about team building virtually during the Coronavirus pandemic by getting in touch with Kennected’s team. Devin Johnson of Kennected can be reached for further inquiries as well.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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