Kennected Shows How to Generate Leads While Working Remotely in New Blog Post

April 06, 2020
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Kennected, a LinkedIn lead generation company, has announced that they have recently posted an article on their blog, titled, “How Do I Generate Leads While Working Remotely.” They felt that this article is very much needed because during the Covid-19 shutdown, most business owners are confused on how to generate leads. The company considers LinkedIn to be the solution for this, for both B2C and B2B customers.

Devin Johnson from Kennected says, “Working remotely doesn’t mean your business has to come to a screeching halt. Lead generation is a vital part of growing your business and gaining new clients, and you can still generate leads, even if you are not going out and physically pounding the pavement to get them. Generating leads while working remotely is not only possible but one of the most effective ways to get new sales for your business. Check out our new blog post for more information.”

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The article points out that the best leads are usually those people who have already expressed an interested in the company’s product or service. In general, these people have taken a survey, filled out an online questionnaire, or signed up for a free trial. They may also have provided their email address in order to receive a free e-book. Business owners can use these leads to increase sales and grow the business.

There are a number of ways that have been found to be effective in generating more leads for the business even while working remotely. Understandably, blogging is one of the lead generation strategies. This is because the buying often occurs after people have found the information that they were looking for. A blog can provide this information that people require, while also boosting the reputation of the business’ website. Through this blog, the company can anticipate all the questions that people may have and then provide the answers. This will help people make a decision on whether the product or service of the business is right for their needs.

Another one of the Kennected lead generation strategies is social media marketing. This requires creating profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and regularly providing content that followers will want to view and share. This will result in increased visitors to the business’ website where it is possible to capture their email addresses and market to them.

Email marketing is another way to generate leads while working remotely. A good strategy for this is to establish a periodic newsletter that provides subscribers with interesting information about the company and its product or service. The key is to increase the possibility that potential customers will remember the company and its product or service when comes the time that they need it. Email marketing may also be used to send people to the blog site where they can read about a new product or service.

Another important strategy is to create an e-book and provide it for free in exchange for their email address and other important information. For instance, a company that offers advice on stock trading may create an e-book on how some people have become successful as stock traders.

Establishing a course is another great way to generate leads. This course could teach people how to start trading and will offer some tips on how to be aware of potential pitfalls that they need to avoid.

In line with lead generation, Kennected offers LinkedIn Leads on Autopilot. With this tool, once marketers have dialed in the business’ ideal prospects, they can easily manage several campaigns, creating new ones or making changes to current campaigns. They can also check responses from users, view the profiles, and access conversations under the Responses tab. Meanwhile, Kennected is integrated with, FindThatLead, Anymailfinder and more so as to make it easy to find emails within the LinkedIn interface. And the Kennected dashboard allows marketers to monitor and manage their outreach approach.

For those who are interested on how to thrive during coronavirus shutdown, they can visit the Kennected website or their blog site.

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