Pond Academy Announces Free Resources to Help the Community with Pond Maintenance

April 07, 2020
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Pond Academy is pleased to announce they are now offering free, in-depth information about anything and everything to do with ponds. This is the time of year to get everything in the garden ready for spring but in particular, it is the time for pond maintenance. Whether a homeowner is considering starting a pond from scratch and is looking for advice or an existing pond has a problem that needs to be rectified there is helpful information available on the company’s website.

The company was founded by Tory Jon, who is a professional pond consultant. “We believe that ponds should relieve stress, not create it,” he said. “We have helped thousands of people with creating or maintaining a pond both through the website and the in-person work that we do. Part of why we built this website was to give people accurate and helpful information so that anyone with a water garden or pond would be able to both maintain and improve it,” Mr. Jon continued.

Pond Academy’s website team is obviously very knowledgeable about the subject and have taken great care to lay out the articles in a clear and organized fashion. The website which can be found at https://pondacademy.com, has also been designed with easy reading in mind and the team has also made an effort to make the articles enjoyable to read. Written for absolute beginners as well as experienced pond creators and owners, there will be articles on most things related to ponds and water features. There are many, many articles and buyer’s guides on the site.

Mr. Jon also said, “I refer to my web team that created and maintain the website as 'Pondamaniacs,' much to their dismay. But seriously, we are happy to help and to try to answer any questions that visitors might have.”

Some people feel intimidated by the mathematics involved in pond creation or find it a hassle to work out. Pond Academy has made a point to address that and has even created a calculator page to help people plan. The calculator, also known as “The Pond Acalculator™” will give a pond’s volume in liters, gallons and even imperial gallons, it will show users what size pond pump will be needed, the size of pond liner required, netting that will be needed, among several other helpful metrics.

Recent additions to the Pond academy site include a 2020 buyer’s guide for pond liners. But like most of the articles the company has produced, it is not a quick “This one is the best,” superficial article, it is a very detailed explanation of the different types of pond liner, their pros and cons, and even an explanation of how to install one.

There is also a social media presence that the company maintains. Interested persons can find Pond Academy on Facebook, where several of the companies’ articles are also posted. Detailed contact information for the company is also available on Facebook.

Pond Academy intends to be the leading source for maintaining a healthy and clean pond. They have also created and published some how-to videos for the people who like to do their own building. For example, in the article about DIY pond filters, not only is there a detailed written discussion about how to build various options, there are several videos on the page that give step by step instructions for their creations. Pond Academy also offers a weekly newsletter that readers can sign up for on the website.

Whether a person has a raging infestation of duckweed on their pond or is simply casually wishing to look into what would be required to build a pond, this website may completely fill their needs.

People interested in learning more about ponds and how to build, maintain, and troubleshoot them, can gather a large amount of information on their website. Mr. Jon invites anyone with questions about a pond to get in touch with him via the following methods: Email: [email protected], Facebook: @pondacademy and Twitter: @pondacademy.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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