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Side Hustle Turned Full Time Mobile Digital Marketing Consultant Helps Businesses Navigate COVID-19 Lockdown

April 02, 2020
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Mcleansville, North Carolina based JVI Mobile Marketing is delighted to announce that they are transitioning into a Done With You agency. They will be coaching and providing consultations for their clients, particularly those who have suddenly found that they need to work from home. This announcement comes on the heels of the company being featured in a article that explored JVI Mobile Marketing’s successful origins as well as their vision for the future.

JVI Mobile Marketing knows that not every business or entrepreneur can afford to invest heavily in its advertising. With financial pressures being exacerbated by COVID-19, smaller businesses will need to find creative ways to keep locating and reaching out to their customers online. With their vast experience in digital marketing, social media advertising and creating effective website experiences, the agency understands the importance of attending to the little things that can end up making a big difference in a small organization’s reputation and, consequently, their bottom line.

The effectiveness of this approach is evident in the agency’s client reviews. For instance, Tracy Stephenson says, “When I was doing the groundwork for starting my business, I asked a lot of different people for advice. I was surprised how many of them didn’t tell me just how important a logo and branding really is. Initially, I got going without a logo, as I didn’t want to wait. I gave my ideas to JVI, and they quickly provided some samples. I chose one and started using it. I found that people began treating me with more respect and saw me as a business owner rather than someone doing a ‘side hustle'.”

JVI Mobile Marketing also knows how vital social media has become for businesses, regardless of their size. As a result, the agency has developed critical software tools that can help any business transform their online presence. One of these tools is MySoPro, a social media management and automation platform. MySoPro features a built-in image editor as well as a content research tool. JVI Mobile Marketing founder Jay Vics says, “MySoPro is a next-generation social media management tool that anyone can pick up and use from day one. In addition to connecting unlimited social network accounts, you can use the Freemium service forever.”

Throughout his career, Vics has helped businesses learn how to do what they need to do, setting up workshops to help reach out to more people than he could on a one-to-one basis. He found that many of the people attending his workshops were small business owners who wanted to use smartphone technologies to boost their companies' growth. Offering his assistance as a ‘side hustle’ to his full-time job, Vics quickly built up the key services they needed, including small business loyalty apps that could be downloaded from app stores on Apple and Google, text message marketing, website maintenance, and design, graphic design and social media management.

To give people the resources they need to get through COVID-19, JVI Mobile Marketing has launched a new website. It features a web interview series that can help those who abruptly find themselves working from home. It hosts, and will continue to be updated with, new tutorials that will give viewers insight on leveraging social media and online advertising in order to market their business online, regardless of how small or large they are.

Vics concludes, “I am excited about our HowTo agency service. It brings together everything we have developed to help firms excel in digital marketing, using our services, and gives them the tools and support to develop their own vision, make their plans and schedules and achieve results. We know that this will help many small businesses weather the economic situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will do everything we can to support them as they learn. We still provide the Done For You agency services, but we honestly feel the Done With You approach will help more businesses. We will be here, providing the consultation and coaching that they need to be successful.”

Those who want to get a head start on developing their 2020 social media vision can sign up for the agency’s upcoming webinar through their new website. JVI Mobile Marketing continues to offer its full suite of services, tailored to allow them to work remotely in order to protect their clients as well as their own staff. Full information about the services and tools that the company offers can be found on their main website. Interested parties may contact Jay Vics for further inquiries as well.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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