Industrial Roofing Company in Brampton Discusses the Advantages of Rubber Roof Coverings for Flat Roofs

April 07, 2020
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Brampton, Ontario-based Cox Roofing Systems has been serving the roofing and insulation needs of those in the Toronto area since 1976. In 1990, they decided to expand into commercial flat roofing and now they have become one of the region's most sought-after flat roof covering installers. One of their biggest selling choices in flat roof material is the EPDM rubber roofing material that they have become specialists at putting down. The company states it’s a popular choice because of the many advantages that it offers to any business that has it installed atop their flat-roofed building.

Owner Wayne Cox had this to say about why EPDM rubber roofs are a great choice for any commercial flat roof, “When business owners or managers come to us to discuss putting down a new flat roof covering, we give them three main options. A large majority of the time the choice they make is EPDM roofing material or what is also known as rolled rubber roofing. Only in the rarest of situations do we not fully support that choice because rubber roofing offers so many benefits to those businesses that choose it.”

Cox went on to say that EPDM is an acronym for what is scientifically known as "ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber." Its content is made up largely of recycled rubber from tires, sawdust, and slate dust. The fact that it’s largely made out of recycled materials makes it a good choice for environmentally-conscious businesses and it also helps keep its cost down. The company owner pointed out that it’s one of the least expensive commercial flat roof coverings. He says that another reason that businesses like EPDM roofing material is that it can be fastened down in more than one way. Some prefer to have it laid down using powerful adhesives and others prefer to have it fastened down with specially-made anchors. There is no bad choice between the two, Cox says. He also pointed out that this type of roof covering can be placed over many different types of existing flat roof coverings if that existing roof has been properly prepped first.

According to the company owner, once rubber roofs are laid down, they form a very watertight seal over the buildings that they cover. He says that’s because this type of roofing material comes in long rolls that leave few seams except where the sheets are adhered together to connect the sections. Those at Cox Roofing Systems point out that installation costs with EPDM roofing materials are generally less than with other types of flat roof coverings, too.

Cox also said that rubber roofs are attractive because of their simple nature and they do provide some insulation value for the buildings that they sit on top of, too. Although they do absorb some heat because they predominately come in black, some rubber roofing materials do come in other colors, too, which helps cut down on the amount of heat they absorb during the day. He pointed out that even though EPDM roofs do absorb some sun during the day, the material is made in a way that it still holds up well even over a long period of time. Cox also said that a large part of getting the most life out of a commercial rubber roof has much to do with how it’s installed. He added that their veteran crew do a great job when it comes to laying this popular commercial flat roofing material down.

The company’s other popular flat roof covering choices include Thermal Insulation Roofing (TTR), which is laid down in sheets, and Firestone Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing, which is a roof membrane that’s more reflective than traditional EPDM roofing material.

For those that want to know more about this company’s industrial roofing in Brampton services, the owner says they are welcome to give them a call, send them an email or fill out the customer contact form on their website.

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