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Soy Protein Bars May Help Achieve Weight Loss Goals

March 27, 2020
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Revival Products Inc., based in Kernersville, NC, is pleased to announce that their soy protein bars have helped many people stay focused and therefore, work toward their weight loss goals. Their soy protein bars not only meet the FDA’s criteria for heart-healthy soy foods, they are also kosher, and they include 500 milligrams of bone-healthy calcium that can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Furthermore, these bars are certified to be genetically-pure soy (non-GMO) and have certified isoflavone levels.

Each of the crispy bars contains 20g of soy protein, and approximately 160mg of soy isoflavones—but without the soy taste—something that anyone looking to lose weight would appreciate. Revival Products’s soy protein bars are gluten free as well, with their low carbohydrate versions boasting a very low net of 5g of carbs (through their use of sugar alcohols), which in turn have little impact on blood sugar and insulin. With 5g of dietary fiber in each bar, those who enjoy eating them feel full for longer, helping eliminate the need to snack between meals. At only 240 to 280 calories each, with 40 to 80 calories from fat (and no cholesterol), they provide the energy and dietary balance needed to keep people on track with their weight loss goals.

Suzanne Tabor, President of Revival Products Inc., says, “Our soy protein bars are proving to be a popular choice for those who are tired of seeing limited options in health food shops. When taken with our Revival® Firm Foundation Multivitamin & Multimineral, anyone can turn one bar into a complete light meal. This is perfect for those who are looking to restrict activities because they can’t exercise as much as well as those who are looking to keep their brain and immune system in tip top shape.”

Soybean peptides have been associated with a decrease in adrenaline levels and an increase in dopamine levels. Researchers writing on the Science Direct website note that, “Soybean peptides can modulate cellular immune systems, regulate neurotransmitters and boost brain function.” In these uncertain times, anything that can help improve immune functions and the ability to deal with stressful situations is welcomed by millions across the globe. The benefits of soy protein have been noted in many studies as well. In addition to being a good source of nutrition, they can help people cope with changes as they age (such as women going through menopause).

Revival Products was recently featured on USA Today, Digital Journal and other online news sites in an article that explained how their soy protein shakes for menopause have benefited women around the globe. The article states that, “a new research study involving 60 Brazilian women between the ages of 40 and 60 years, who had become postmenopausal, showed reductions in hot flashes for all groups, but these reductions where significantly larger in the soy shake group compared to the placebo group. Thus, this new randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study supports the possible benefits of dietary soy for the relief of common discomforts resulting from menopause.”

Tabor points out that, while soy cannot be considered as a replacement for HRT or prescription medication, more than 20 clinical trials have shown that soy may help women have a healthy and more enjoyable mid-life through the reduction of hot flashes and other mild discomforts that are linked to menopause. Furthermore, it has also been observed that soy protein may help in achieving weight loss goals.

Revival’s high quality soy protein products are not available in shops. However, ordering through their secure website is very easy, with most in-stock orders to US addresses shipping within 1 business day of receipt.

Those who wish to use soy protein for weight loss will benefit from Revival’s patented blend. Tabor highlights, “All too often, popular diets restrict essential nutrients, so it is not surprising they are impossible to stick with, and many people wind up gaining back more weight than they lost in the first place. Our weight loss soy diet lowers the calories, but it doesn’t restrict any nutrients. We also have an emphasis on increasing activity, and walking briskly for at least 30 minutes is a great way to start with this. In our own clinical trial, our participants lost an average of 26 lbs in 16 weeks. Quite impressively, they also reduced their belly fat by about 25%, which is an excellent result for anyone.”

For more information about the full range of Revival Product’ Inc. lines of healthy nutritional foods and supplements, please explore their website. Customers may contact Suzanne Tabor or the company’s customer service department to make further inquiries regarding their products.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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