Atlanta Chiropractor Answers 11 Common Questions On Sciatica

March 23, 2020
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Atlanta, Georgia based Arrowhead Clinic is pleased to announce that, following their recent blog post on how chiropractic care can change a person’s life, which was picked up by the national and international press, that they have had many patients with sciatica contacting them for treatment. As a result, the clinic has published a new blog post that answers 11 of the most common questions about sciatica that they received. They hope that those who have lower back pain will take the opportunity to learn more about sciatica.

Sciatica is very common in the US, affecting up to 40% of the population at some point in their lives. Due to the many myths that circulate about sciatica, lots of people tend to put off treatment. However, Arrowhead Clinic advises that this is probably the worst thing they can do, and could potentially make their condition worse. Johnny Brown, speaking on behalf of Arrowhead Clinic, says, “Many people think that sciatica is a lifelong condition. However, once it is diagnosed and effective treatment undertaken, they may be surprised at how much they can recover. Some may have recurrent bouts of sciatica due to the wear and tear on their back but many people find that, with the proper posture and exercise, learning how to use their body to its optimum efficiency will help prevent any further issues with their sciatic nerve—which causes the pain.”

Their patients provide the evidence needed by those who want to be sure they are getting the best chiropractic treatment. The clinic has maintained a 5-Star rating over 500 reviews on the Google platform alone. Feedback from David Williamson about his back care is typical of other reviews left on the platform. In his review, he says, “Dr. Turner and the staff at the Cascade location are awesome. I am feeling tangible results from my treatments, and I have learned a great deal about how to maintain my neck and back health. The staff are very helpful and keep everything flowing smoothly, from the minimal wait times, to transitioning multiple patients from one treatment area to another, to on-site appointments with specialists to scheduling you to see outside specialists. They handle everything very efficiently. All you have to do is show up. 5 Stars, without a doubt.”

For those who have never been to an Atlanta chiropractor before, such reviews can help define the experience patients have at the Arrowhead Clinic. Jameshia Prayor awarded them 5-Stars in their Google review, saying, “My very first time attending a chiropractor, and they made me feel welcomed. Dr .T is awesome, and the staff are great and an awesome team. Very professional environment to be a part of. I enjoy coming to the Arrowhead Clinic. Have been coming for three weeks now, and I feel better than I did before.

The Atlanta chiropractic clinic’s staff are passionate about helping each of their patients get chiropractic care that can change their life for the better. In their recent announcement, which was featured on WENY News and other sites, Brown is quoted stating, “Chiropractic care is more than a fix for your back pain. Although it is an excellent option for back pain, it does so much more than that. Chiropractic care offers patients a variety of potentially life-changing benefits. In the article we have recently published, we discuss eight ways chiropractic care can change your life.”

Their blog post highlights that proper chiropractic care can boost productivity, make people smarter and lower their stress. It can also help people avoid medications, improve their overall wellness and, of course, alleviate pain. Many people do not realize that getting good chiropractic care can also prevent other conditions and improve their sleep. Research indicates that dysfunctions in the spine may inhibit the balance of the central nervous system, leading to a variety of health problems.

Arrowhead Clinic’s staff have been the experts treating neck and back injuries for 40 years, thanks to their team of licensed and certified doctors. With clinic locations throughout Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, they are able to help many people who do not realize the difference that their gentle, noninvasive chiropractic techniques can make. Their doctors evaluate new patients as a whole (as other regions may be affected) and conduct thorough examinations to diagnose the specific cause of the pain being experienced. They also go through every new patient’s past medical history (and may order imaging tests to help them diagnose the exact cause of the pain), whether it has been caused by an accident or other reasons.

Treating back pain promptly can help prevent further injuries. With sciatica, relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve can enable patients to return their normal activities. A visit to Arrowhead Clinic may considerably lower the chances of another incident.

Those dealing with any type of neck or back pain are encouraged to reach out to Arrowhead Clinic through their official website where they can call directly any time of the day or night. Their website also provides details of all their services as well as their locations. Johnny Brown can be reached for further inquiries.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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