Villa Montessori Preschool Leesburg Observes National Children’s Dental Health Month in February

March 24, 2020
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Villa Montessori Preschool Leesburg in Virginia is proud to announce that the National Children’s Dental Health Month in February was observed in the preschool through various activities. In addition to teaching children about dental health, they also hosted Dr. Reem, a pediatric dentist from Leesburg Family Series. She gave a presentation about the benefits of caring for one’s teeth. And in a fun activity for the preschool children, Miss Jillianna utilized coffee grounds to teach them about the importance of brushing and caring for their teeth. The children enjoyed Miss Jillianna’s matching game on healthy and unhealthy teeth. More about these activities in the preschool are available on their Facebook page here

Ms. Kimberly, the School Director for Villa Montessori Preschool Leesburg, says, "As always, we make sure that the children have fun learning about different things. Using a fun matching game, Miss Jillianna was able to teach them about the value of having healthy teeth by brushing and caring for one’s teeth. And, of course, we had a pediatric dentist from Leesburg Family Series who showed the children how to properly take care of their teeth. Ours is a unique preschool designed for the curious and the adventurous; for parents seeking unexpected, intriguing and innovative opportunities for their child. We have over 12 years of experience integrating Montessori and Reggio – two of the most dynamic and inspiring curricula in the world.”

The curricula of the Villa Montessori Preschool Leesburg are primarily based on the Montessori method. This is a teaching method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori that is very different from the conventional way of teaching. While they also provide lessons, the children are allowed to explore what particular subjects are interesting for them and to discover the answers to questions that they may have regarding those subjects.

To further improve the experience of their preschool students, they have also integrated the Reggio Emilia method into their curricula for early childhood education. The goal of the Reggio method is to improve the critical thinking skills of the children. By applying critical thinking skills, the children are able to discover the appropriate questions that they need to ask in order to learn particular principles. In the conventional method of teaching, these principles are dictated to the children, and the students are expected to memorize them. With the Reggio method, the preschool kids are able to sharpen their creative and critical thinking skills as they discover the proper questions to ask to learn about certain subjects. Many parents have noted the positive effects of the teaching method at the preschool and have provided highly positive reviews. Some of these reviews can be viewed here

At the Villa Montessori Preschool Leesburg, the preschool teachers also take on the role of guides for the young children as they go through the adventure of discovering facts about particular subjects for themselves. To do this, they make the children become aware of the wide range of educational materials placed in the Montessori classroom that are designed to stimulate their curiosity on certain subjects. They can then begin a journey of discovery of the various facts about that particular subject.

While lessons are also held in the Montessori classroom, the purpose of the teacher is to guide the students through the self-correcting and auto-didactic materials that are found in the classroom so that the children may experience the joy of self-discovery. This is the primary principle of the Montessori method. Dr. Montessori observed that young children are naturally curious and want to learn about their environment. The Montessori classroom is therefore designed to allow the children to learn key information on their own.

Parents who would like to learn more about the preschool programs at Villa Montessori Preschool Leesburg can visit their website at or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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