Hip Hop Producer In Los Angeles Joins Forces With Up-And-Coming Artist

March 23, 2020
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Phoenix, AZ based Phoenix Recording LLC is pleased to report that Hip Hop producer CT Aletniq has begun working with 2QuarterBlack, an up-and-coming Hip Hop artist with a promising future. Together, the pair intend to carve out a new niche in the music industry and leave their mark on Hip Hop fans in the US and around the world. Learn more here: Hip Hop Producers In Los Angeles.

CT Aletniq has been in the business for more than 20 years, and his experience spans the length and breadth of the Hip Hop scene in Phoenix, Arizona as well as Los Angeles, California. Given that he has worked with many artists over the course of his career, Aletniq is well aware of the sheer amount of talent and musical acumen it takes to become a successful artist in the modern age. On top of this, his time in the industry has shown him that talent alone is not enough. Many young artists need to have a distinct identity that is evident in their music as well as their way of life. This identity also has to resonate with fans in some way that makes them want to hear more of the artist’s music and listen to what they have to share with the world. With all this in mind, Aletniq has decided to put the powerhouse of his production capabilities behind 2QuarterBlack.

2QuarterBlack, otherwise known as Isaac Elkins, is a 20-year-old Hip Hop artist who shows promise in these categories. While he was born and raised in Arizona, he now resides in Los Angeles. He has also spent summers in Memphis, Tennessee, keeping his ear to the ground on the local musical scenes and following up every opportunity to soak up everything the "City of Blues" had to offer. According to Aletniq, this influence is evident in 2QuarterBlack’s sample-heavy production style, which has the young artist’s boom-bap raps laid over the top. It is Aletniq’s sincere hope and vision that 2QuarterBlack will continue to hone both his production skills and lyrical flow, eventually growing into a staple in the rap game that persists for years to come.

Despite being a young artist, 2QuarterBlack is sure to benefit from having an experienced advisor and partner on his team. For his part, CT Aletniq is invested in ensuring that the 20-year-old makes all the right moves and puts together new beats that express everything his growing fanbase is looking for. Paired with attention-grabbing music, 2Quarterblack’s ability to write lyrics that explore life, growth and relationships with oneself within an urban theme make every song he puts out an instantly likeable addition to his repertoire. With his talent and Aletniq’s inside knowledge of the industry, big things are likely to be in store for the future.

Aletniq, who can often be found at his recording studios in Phoenix, further notes that artists like 2QuarterBlack face different conditions and challenges than they may have only a few short decades ago. While the music industry continues to grow at a staggering pace, each new artist that wants to be heard and earn their spot is compelled to compete ever harder to achieve their goals. There is also a greater expectation of them having to invest more time, energy and money into their work long before they even begin to break even on any of those fronts.

This is especially true for artists who take on every stage of production by themselves, from writing the lyrics, creating or sourcing the beats and melodies, mixing in whatever production software they have at their disposal, the actual recorded performance and so on. It can be exhausting and unrewarding work. It is for this reason that Aletniq suggests they work on utilizing their existing resources in inventive ways to create an original sound and identity that will be noticed. In time, this approach has the greatest chance of paying off.

Those who wish to learn more about CT Aletniq’s new partnership with 2QuarterBlack are welcome to reach out to either party on their respective social media platforms. More information regarding record producers in Hollywood can also be found at Phoenix Recording LLC’s official website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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