Next Step Becomes MAT Friendly in Its Addiction Recovery Program

March 24, 2020
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Next Step Recovery, based in Asheville, North Carolina, has announced that they have improved on their addiction recovery program by providing a medically assisted therapy (MAT) friendly environment that supports Sublocade and Vivitrol. They have also changed their policy on Suboxone, allowing it only if the patient is willing to transfer to Sublocade injection. Being a MAT friendly facility means that they can now offer better care for different kinds of drug addictions. They are also open to other medications that become available in the future as a result of improvements in addiction medications.

Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Sublocade are branded medications that can help with opiate addiction. However, these detox treatments vary in terms of function, risks, and how they are taken. Suboxone is a controlled opioid dose designed to be self-admnistered as a daily under the tongue film. Vivitrol is a monthly opioid blocker injection that is administered by trained providers. And Sublocade is a monthly injection opioid blocker variant.

It should be noted that this change in policy has been made at a key time when families of patients are dealing with medical costs and the financial burden imposed by the presence of the novel coronavirus and the economic downturn the world is suffering from. Next Step Recovery is now offering a more affordable alternative compared to other addiction recovery programs that provide MAT. Previously, they refused to accept residents with such prescriptions. With their change in policy, young men who require such medications can be assisted at Next Step Recovery to facilitate their long-term recovery, thus, increasing the range of men that they can accept.

At Next Step Recovery, they provide individualized care in the addiction recovery process. This is based on the concept that every person recovering from addiction has his own individual journey. This is in contrast to the previous use of a single approach for every patient, which has been criticized because of the substantial number of relapses and treatment dropouts.

In line with their concept of individualized care, another important aspect that distinguishes the program offered by Next Step Recovery from other similar programs is their Continuum of Addiction Care, which is a personalized roadmap to recovery. It is based on the idea that people who are on the journey to recovery will be doing so for a lifetime. This continuum of care guides them through a continuous stream of recovery programs.

People who are fighting addiction may benefit from this continuum of care if they: have experienced waiting periods in transitioning between treatment programs; have received treatment previously but have relapsed afterwards; feel underserved or neglected in their previous or present treatments; and find it difficult to have access to the proper resources for their recovery needs.

In this continuum of care, the addiction treatment program are sorted out into various levels of care intensity. Level 4 is for medically managed intensive inpatient services. Level 3 is for residential or inpatient services. Level 2 is for intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization services. Level 1 is for outpatient services Level 0.5 is for early intervention. And Level 0 is for fully independent sobriety and aftercare. In this continuum of care, clients enter on the level that matches the intensity of their present condition. As they progress, they are either stepped up or stepped down the continuum as needed, even in independence.

Next Step Recovery also applies a combination of yoga, martial arts, and meditation to help the young residents fight against addiction. This combination ensures that they have a sound body, mind, and spirit, assisting them in their journey of remaining sober. These are recreational therapies that work by replacing those old unhealthy habits that could have contributed to their addiction, with new, healthy and empowering ones.

People who would like to know more about the services offered at Next Step Recovery can visit their website, or contact them on the telephone. Or they could follow them on Twitter to know more about what they could offer.

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