The Clean Group Cites the Reasons Why Professional Pub Cleaning is a Good Idea

March 25, 2020
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The Clean Group is a Sydney based company that specializes in cleaning both large and small size businesses in the area. Included in that is their full line of pub cleaning services. They have established a reputation for taking pub cleaning to a much higher level than what in-house cleaning personnel can do. Their pub cleaning services are targeted to meet each establishment’s individual cleaning needs and they are carried out by the Clean Group’s talented cleaning professionals.

Company founder, Suji Siv, talked about this more by saying, “Most pub owners will readily acknowledge that keeping their establishment clean is a never-ending task. Much of this has to do with the reality that during open hours drink spills and food dropping become commonplace. Another factor that makes pubs difficult to clean properly is that some open up in the late morning and do not close until well after midnight. This leaves little time to clean them properly. That is why we suggest that pub owners consider using our professional and targeted cleaning services. Our pub cleaning services offer many advantages to the owners of these establishments that have us do them.”

One problem that pub owners face, according to Siv, is that they are often cleaned by the same people that serve the food and drinks in the establishment. Most likely this cleaning takes place after a long shift. He says those workers are tired and the last thing they want to think about is cleaning. This often results in poor cleaning jobs that are not as thorough or as sanitary as they should be. Siv says that all goes away when a pub hires someone like his company to clean for them. He says his professional pub cleaners know exactly how to get every area of a pub clean and sanitized so that it looks appealing when guests arrive for business the following day. The company founder says the number of cleaning staff they send to a pub will be proportional to the amount of time they have to get the job done right.

Siv says another great reason for pub owners to hire professionals cleaning services like them is the flexibility that they offer. The founder says for those businesses whose in-house staff does a decent cleaning job, they may only need the Clean Group’s services once or twice a week, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. Siv says that is not a problem for them. They like to offer these establishments the flexibility to schedule the company’s services on a basis that fits each Pub’s individual cleaning requirements. He added that they also have pub owners that require their services daily and they are more than happy to do this for any pub in the Sydney area too.

The company founder also wanted to remind those in the hospitality industry that they also clean restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, bars and other establishments that cater to serving people’s many social and travel needs. He added that all of their pub cleaners are well-trained, skilled, motivated and very honest. Siv pledged that any pub or hospitality business owner can blindly trust them to do complete, thorough, and highly sanitary cleaning services. He says customers will notice how clean their establishment is and this will help lead to more sales for that business.

The Clean Group offers many other types of commercial cleaning services too. This includes thorough and sanitary gym, school, and daycare cleaning. Siv says they will also do a great job cleaning any office building, church or warehouse. He said they can even handle the strict cleaning and disinfecting needs that hospitals and medical facilities are requiring at this time. The company uses a variety of green cleaning methods that are both people-friendly and sanitary.

Siv invites any pub owner who wants to know more about their pub cleaning Sydney services to contact them by phone, email or by filling out the quote request form on the Clean Group’s website homepage.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Clean Group is a company that takes pride in providing one of the best commercial cleaning services in Australia. We are here to offer you a staff of experienced, friendly, reliable and trustworthy professionals, who take pleasure in the cleaning services

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