Hope Canyon Recovery Publishes New Article For Brain Awareness Week

March 16, 2020
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March 16th, 2020 – Hope Canyon Recovery released a new article about the effects of illicit drugs on brain function, as part of Brain Awareness Week. The Niznik behavioral health facility wants to make sure that everyone knows the importance of having a healthy brain, as well as the dangers of drug abuse. Hope Canyon wanted to bring to light how drugs interact within the brain, especially with the billions of neurons within it.

Continued drug abuse can lead to serious consequences. This is made apparent by the fact that it disrupts brain activity, including the functions that are vital to our survival. The brain is a delicate system that is often compared to a computer. It has an intricate and complex structure that is just like the circuits in a computer.

The brain controls the flow of information to the rest of the body, controlling movement, regulating emotions, and storing memories. The brain has billions of brain cells called neurons that send and receive signals. However, this is disrupted when a person takes drugs.

Illicit substances interfere with how neurons process signals, causing a number of problems depending on the type of drug is taken and how much. Certain drugs can shut down signals and block messages completely. Others can amplify neurons and cause large amounts of brain chemicals to be released. This is what causes a person to feel euphoric or “high”. This extremely pleasurable sensation is what makes them addicted.

Drugs are very addictive because they can directly affect the brain’s reward system. It motivates the brain to keep seeking out and taking drugs. The pleasure is often greater than what is produced naturally within the brain, without the presence of the illicit substance.

Drugs can disrupt important brain functions that are necessary for our survival: this includes heart rate, breathing, and sleep. This is why drug overdose is potentially lethal.

Through Brain Awareness Week, Hope Canyon Recovery reminds people of the dangers of drug addiction. Brain Awareness Week is held in March of every year, as part of a global campaign to garner widespread support for brain science.

The event was founded by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and the European Dana Alliance for the Brain. During Brain Awareness Week, partners host an array of events in their communities to share how brain science impacts our daily lives.

If anyone struggling with addiction, contact Hope Canyon immediately for proper medical treatment. Remember that drug abuse affects and damages other organs too. The long term effects of addiction can be devastating.

Hope Canyon Recovery offers evidence-based and trauma-informed treatment, providing comprehensive behavioral healthcare to those in need. Hope Canyon can help clients recover using Medically Assisted Detox, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization (PHP), and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) programs, with treatment modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Emotion and Trauma-based Therapies, Relationship and Family Counseling, Motivational Interviewing, Yoga, Guided Meditation, and Life Skills Training.

Call Hope Canyon Recovery today.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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