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Dog Lover Site Discusses Dog Health and Social Sharing

March 12, 2020
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Menifee, California, based BarkWiki is elated to announce the release of new, up-to-date content on their fun, educational website for dogs and dog lovers alike. As the reach of their website and social media begins to grow, so does their determination to offer more beneficial, well-researched information about everything canine. Not only does their website offer important information on commonly seen health conditions among canines, but it also does a deep dive into a variety of dog breeds.

Although the two main sources of content on their site focuses on canine health and breed information like the Rottweiler temperament and its lifespan, the value BarkWiki offers does not stop there. Additionally, the website includes access to a directory of veterinarians across the United States. Users can go directory to the tool on their site and then search specifically in their area for a qualified, board-certified local vets for their dog.

rottweiler temperament

According to the founder of BarkWiki, Adrienne Jade, the site is also dedicated to the well-being of dogs, whether they are in a loving home or waiting to be adopted from a local shelter. “While it is undoubtedly important to adequately care for the animals we already have, true care for animals extends to those alone and in need. BarkWiki is passionate about supporting no-kill shelters in any way, whether it be through raising awareness or sending in our donations. On our site, we offer potential canine owners with a tool that allows them to connect with local no-kill shelters in their search for a loveable dog in need of a kind family who brings them indoors. Some of the most loving dogs come from desperate situations in shelters. Supporting no-kill shelters is one of the best ways to combat cruelty and advocate for the humane treatment of animals,” Jade says.

Some of the newest content on their site discusses canine health and wellness. Specifically, the new content targets key issues ranging from flea infestations and parvovirus, to the discussion of Gabapentin’s role in the canine world. The site strives to offer relevant, beneficial information to dog owners around the country.

Flea infestations, as one of the most common issues faced by owners, is also one of the hardest to detect. Given the concealed presence of most fleas on dogs and the flea’s rapid rate of reproduction, infestations can be tricky to handle for the average, unsuspecting owner. On the other hand, Parvovirus (CPV) is a common condition which afflicts puppies. Affecting their gastrointestinal health, Parvo is no laughing matter to dog owners, given its infectious nature and high mortality rate. An in-depth discussion of Gabapentin for dogs as a pain reliever and sedative is also discussed on their site.

BarkWiki continues to maintain its goal of connecting dog lovers not only on their website, but across their popular social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Exciting monthly giveaways may be entered by submitting a beautiful photo of one’s pet through their site. It will then be published on all the BarkWiki social media sites for fellow animal lovers to “like” and share. Whichever submission receives the most likes or love will win that month’s amazing prize. Check out BarkWiki to connect with dog lovers, read the latest research in the dog world, or utilize their useful tools to bring home a pup of one's own.

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About BarkWiki:

BarkWiki offers health and specific dog breed information, as well as dog giveaways and monthly pet submissions contest for the most liked and loved dog by our fans.

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