BBB Locksmith Advises Bloomington, MN And Minnesota Area Residents To Switch To Electronic Locks

March 23, 2020
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Bloomington, Minnesota based BBB Locksmith MN is reaching out to the community in order to advise local residents to leave traditional locks behind and switch to electronic locks.

While safety is a common concern in the mind of any homeowner in the US, most households across the country have yet to adopt better safety mechanisms. They tend to stick to traditional lock and key mechanisms due to the convenience and affordability that these devices offer. While they do a relatively good job at discouraging opportunistic criminals, they are less adept at preventing break-ins, as illustrated by the 2.5 million burglaries reported by the US Department of Justice every year. These statistics leave most home and business owners wondering what they can do to prevent unwanted individuals from entering their properties.

"This is a common question among clients who come asking us for safer locking mechanisms for their doors. If you go to any locksmith, they'll simply tell you to switch to electronic locks, but we are here to explain why this is the best option," says Avi, a representative of BBB Locksmith MN. He adds that there are many advantages to electronic door lock systems over traditional mechanical door locks. Learn more here: 24 Hours Locksmith Near Me.

Such systems utilize a keypad and a combination of numbers to lock or unlock the door in question, eliminating some of the most tedious and unsafe traits of mechanical door locks. They are lock-pick proof, and given that they do not utilize keys to function, they also prevent the users from ever being locked outside of their property. They also eliminate the risk of unauthorized key duplication. Some of the other advantages that such a system would offer include programmable security clearances, automatic door lock/unlock scheduling and centralized management.

These benefits have several applications depending on where the system is implemented. For example, a business owner may program their establishment's entry doors to be unlocked automatically during business hours and locked again at closing time. Homeowners can program a similar functionality ordering the system to lock and unlock based on their work schedule, setting an exception for weekends and holidays.

"This is the best way to make sure that you don't forget to lock your door at night or before leaving to work. You can still choose to lock or unlock them at any given time, though this functionality makes sure that you will never leave your house vulnerable again," says Avi.

BBB Locksmith MN offers a variety of locksmithing services that range from the installation of new security systems to affordable key duplication and emergency locksmithing services. They are considered one of the best and most reliable locksmiths in the area. Avi states that the company is always willing to go the extra mile to help their customers. This commitment on the company's part has led them to become one of the best-rated locksmithing companies in Minnesota, as the community has reached to BBB on Youtube, Facebook, and other platforms to show their appreciation.

One of the company's most recent customer reviews, written by Sheila Benner and showcased on the company's website, says, "I had the best experience calling BBB Locksmith. It's a relatively small company with a great attitude. We had to evict our renters and change the locks on our property, so it had to be coordinated with the sheriff. The guy showed up at the time as promised on the phone, and he was really patient and didn't let us feel bad about waiting for all the paperwork to go through before breaking in. Thank you so much! I will definitely call you guys again if needed! Thank you, Ben."

The company's website offers more details on BBB Locksmith MN and their services. Interested parties can reach out to Avi to follow up on any further inquiries as well. Similarly, the company can be reached through their various social media platforms. Customers may also look for a BBB locksmith on Bark.

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