Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko Explains How IV Therapy Is Used

March 13, 2020
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Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy has announced that they have recently published a blog post where he explained how IV therapy is used. Dr. Alexeyenko pointed out that the intravenous route is the fastest method for delivering medications and fluid replacement throughout the body, because these are sent directly into the circulation. IV therapy may be utilized to correct electrolyte imbalances, for fluid volume replacement, for blood transfusions, and to deliver medications. IV therapy clinics use it to deliver vitamins and nutrients directly into the patients’ bloodstream for faster and more potent absorption as against oral supplements.

Dr. Alexeyenko prepares a patient for an IV therapy infusion and explains what an iv is and how it works

Dr. Alexeyenko says, “IV therapy is a new approach to health and wellness, offering vitamins, hydration therapy, and infusion therapies to cleanse the system of toxins, like NAD. Those that visit IV clinics regularly say that they do so for many different reasons. People suffering from extreme fatigue, especially conditions that are hard to diagnose and treat, such as fibromyalgia, find IV therapies to be revitalizing.”

He continues, “IV therapy treatments run the gamut, from simple immunity boosters with Super C Vitamin C or fat burning B12 to more complex cleansing treatments that are said to oxygenate the bloodstream or clean out toxic metals. IV therapy is no longer seen as a treatment suitable only for serious hospital intervention. This is because it may be able to put your system back in balance, restore energy, and eliminate unnecessary or dangerous compounds that can cause damage, and much more.”

The article by Dr. Alexeyenko also explained how often to get IV therapy. This will vary, depending on the situation. A patient who is undergoing customized IV therapy treatment for cancer can receive high doses of Vitamin C IV drips up to three times a week while a healthy person may just need IV therapy once or twice a month. Dr. Alexeyenko explains that the frequency with which a patient will need to undergo IV therapy will mostly depend on their own unique preferences and physiology.

Dr. Alexeyenko and his staff will normally schedule a consultation with a new patient and they will carefully assess the patient’s full medical workup. He will take a holistic approach, which has two major components. First, he will create a medical opinion as to the treatments that the patient may need and then asks the patient what he or she expects to achieve through the treatments.

And then the IV therapy schedule of the new patient will be dependent on those two factors. For example, in some cases, the schedule may need to be controlled entirely by the doctor, particularly if he believes that it is essential for the well-being of the patient. In some cases, patients may find that they have more control with regards to their schedule than they previously thought. Dr. Alexeyenko explains that they will always take into consideration what the patient feels when they establish a schedule. This is to ensure that the patient knows he or she is getting enough attention while also being comfortable regarding the doctor’s recommendation.

Vladimir Alexeyenko, MD discusses low long an IV takes as he prepares the catheter for an IV therapy treatment session

Dr. Alexeyenko wants to emphasize that while IV drips are often associated with a hospital stay, the situation in an IV therapy clinic is different. It is similar in that in that the location for the insertion must be ensured to sterile. However, there is no need for the patient to lie down on a bed or wear a hospital gown. And unlike the hospital, which tends to have a wide range of germs and bacteria, an IV therapy clinic is ensured to be clean and comfortable. With regards to how long IV therapy takes, it will be dependent on the kind of therapy and the patient. But on the average, an IV drip session will usually last from 15 to 90 minutes.

Those who are interested in knowing more about IV therapy may want to visit the Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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