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DHL Mechanical Calgary Talks About the Advantages of Combining Water Heating with Radiant Floor Heating

March 06, 2020
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DHL Mechanical, a reputable Calgary, Alberta mechanical contractor, says there is now a better way to heat a home and provide for its hot water needs. That’s by using the same heat source to supply hot water and to provide the heated water that’s needed to run a DHL Mechanical in floor heating system. The company states that those who do this are getting the best of both worlds when it comes to efficiency and ease of operation.

Company owner, Mark Davie, had this to say on the subject, “Everyone has heard the expression ‘to kill two birds with one stone’. That a very good way to describe what happens when you use a single boiler to operate your radiant floor heating and hot water supply systems in your home. Not only does combining these two functions make the system more efficient and help you save money on your home energy bill but it offers some other nice benefits too.”

Davie says that one thing that combining floor and hot water supply heating does is save space in a home’s equipment area. He says that’s because a homeowner will have one less piece of equipment to take up space. Davie added that their design team is excellent when it comes to drawing up plans for a combined single boiler radiant flooring and hot water supply system. Most of the layout will actually have the plumbing and required tubing running along the equipment room walls. He says that this will result in an equipment area that is less cluttered and more functional and it makes the boiler system much easier to maintain because of this.

The owner mentioned that those who love to take long hot showers to relax after a long day will especially love having a combined hot water supply and in-floor heating system. A boiler can produce an endless amount of hot water. That means there is never that time period when showering that after a few minutes the water gets lukewarm and eventually turns cold.

Davie also stated that by having combined hot water and radiant floor heating, it will save on maintenance frequency and costs. He says a homeowner that uses one heat source to supply hot water and another to supply heat to their radiant floor system, has two pieces of heating equipment that need to be maintained and occasionally repaired. He pointed out that when the hot water supply and in-floor heating needs are provided by a single boiler, there is only that stand-alone heat source that needs to be cleaned, maintained, and have occasional repairs done to it.

Those at DHL Mechanical Calgary boilers mentioned that another big reason people choose to install radiant floor and hot water heating in combination is it creates a heating system that has scalability. This includes such things as expanding the existing heating network, reducing the coverage area of the system or simply modifying it for other reasons. The company owner says that’s why they sometimes advise their customers to install a slightly larger size boiler than is called for. This will give them the flexibility they need for future expansion of the heating system if that becomes necessary. That way if a person is thinking about doing something to their home such as putting on an addition in the future, they will already have a boiler in place that can handle the extra load to heat that new addition.

Not only can DH Mechanical draw up the plans and install a new combined radiant floor heating and hot water supply system but they can help maintain and repair that equipment also. Davie says that his company’s service techs are excellent when it comes to doing routine maintenance and repairs on all different types of boiler systems. He says this even includes boilers that are sold by their competitors. More information on DHL Mechanical’s boiler repair services can be seen in this press release here at

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