Hard Drive Recovery Associates Discusses Computer Cleaning In Recent Blog Post

February 28, 2020
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Data recovery services company Hard Drive Recovery Associates (HDRA), based in Irvine, California, recently published an article which talks extensively on the subject of computer cleaning.

Much like cleaning a computer of unnecessary files and uninstalling unused programs, cleaning hardware is just as important to ensuring that a system unit functions the way it’s supposed to. In the post, “Tips On Cleaning Your Computer”, Hard Drive Recovery Associates discusses ways that you can clean your computer to maximize its functionality and prevent unnecessary damage.

Speaking on behalf of HDRA, Jack Edwards says, “Forgetting to clean your system unit essentially clogs up its exhaust fans. This prevents their computers from functioning efficiently. It’s not too complicated of a task to do, and it helps your computer out every bit to keep it pristine.”

The article mentions “Cool air has to successfully enter the case and hot air has to come out. This won’t happen if the filters are obstructed with dust and debris or the exhausts are blocked. If this happens, the computer or the components inside the case can overheat.” People will often forget to defrost their fridge’s freezer or their air conditioning units. In the same vein, some people forget to clean out their system units. This can be very dangerous, especially for people who use their computers for long hours every day.

One particular thing that you have to be careful about when cleaning your computer is electrostatic damage (ESD). Our fingertips are naturally charged with static electricity. This electricity discharges upon contact with conductive material, causing damage to it. And this is why grounding yourself before touching your computer is an important first step. You can do this by touching another metal object to release the static discharge or wearing an anti-static wristband.

“You don’t have to do it every day,” said Edwards. “but it’s typically a good idea to make sure you clean your computer regularly. We recommend a regular dusting session at least three to six months. Cleaning it out ensures that it runs its fastest, prevents hardware damage, and extends its useful life.”

Neglecting taking care of your computer will have a lot of repercussions in the long term. These won’t manifest for a while, but it’s best to prevent them from happening all together. Take care of your hardware through regular maintenance, and your software by taking precautions. Always make sure that your computer is safe from malware. This way, you can prevent data loss, which is a major threat for any individual or company. Luckily, data recovery services like HDRA exist for this very reason.

Over 95% of HDRA’s customers have been able to fully recover 100% of their data, so HDRA is confident in guaranteeing that offer. One testimonial on HDRA’s website says “I called Hard Drive Recovery Associates after my son accidentally nudged my laptop off the table, making it pretty much useless. Unfortunately, I had tons of baby pictures and other super important memories, and I wasn't willing to give them up! Louis was my data recovery engineer, and I am eternally grateful for his help during what was a pretty scary time. I'm not sure that laptop data recovery could be any easier than this! Would definitely recommend!”

HDRA also has a toll-free support line which is online 24/7 on which they provide recovery diagnosis for absolutely free. They have a fully equipped lab which is located directly off of the I5, making it simpler for consumers to get help quickly. Their facilities ensures that businesses all throughout Santa Ana and its surrounding areas can rely freely on HDRA’s quick-response, free server pickup on RAID recovery and repair jobs.

The company's Wordpress website contains a full set of all of HDRA’s blog articles and recent releases for those who feel the need to find out more about hard disc issues. Interested parties can also connect with HDRA through their Facebook using this link.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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