Brookhaven, GA Plumbing Company, The Plumbers Guild, Talks Preventative Toilet Maintenance

March 23, 2020
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Brookhaven, Georgia plumbing company, The Plumbers Guild, gives residents of Brookhaven professional plumbing advice on the importance of preventative toilet maintenance and gives toilet maintenance tips. According to The Plumbers Guild, there are three top reasons preventative maintenance is essential.

First of all, most plumbing systems operate between walls, inside drains, and under floors. It can be incredibly challenging to detect problems that are not out in the open. Performing a preventative maintenance check can help identify a leak that would go unnoticed otherwise. Fixing an easily corrected household water leak can save homeowners about 10 percent on their monthly water bill. Preventative measures can help homeowners prevent future plumbing catastrophes like a burst pipe due to a buildup of water pressure. Extreme plumbing failures resulting in floods or overflowing toilets are not only expensive but also inconvenient and are best to avoid.

There are a couple of easy to do preventative maintenance checks for toilets that this plumbing company Brookhaven recommends. First, carefully remove the toilet tank lid. Flush the toilet. Watch and listen to see if water continues to run after the flush cycle. Toilets that continue to run are wasting water and are in need of repair. Another easy preventative maintenance test for toilets is to place a drop of food coloring in the toilet tank. Wait ten minutes, any colored water in the toilet bowl indicates the presence of a leak. Take a photo of the dye in the bowl if any is present. Contact a plumber to fix the toilet leak and share the photo with them. Flush immediately after the ten minutes to avoid staining the toilet bowl. Also, check for water seeping at the base of the toilet and be sure the commode is firmly attached to the floor. Toilets should never rock back and forth. If water is around the toilet base or the toilet moves around at all call a plumber for assistance immediately.

Another way to care for a toilet is to only flush flushable items down it. There are everyday items that get flushed daily that should never do down the toilet. For example, diapers. Flushing even one diaper can cause a devastating clog in the sewer line. Baby wipes also are not to be flushed. Even if they claim to be flushable on the package they are not. Do not be mislead, all wipes can cause sewer clogs and backups. What happens is the wipes quickly add to existing clogs growing the size of blockage and the amount of damage it can do. Flushing wipes down the toilet harms plumbing pipes and sewer lines, too.

Preventative plumbing maintenance is worthwhile because catching minor plumbing problems before they turn into major ones saves time and money. Preventing plumbing disasters and major fails helps to avoid messy situations making life easier and repairs more affordable.

Plumbing company Brookhaven, The Plumbers Guild is a trusted name when it comes to providing quality work and excellent customer service. From toilet repair to leak detection, The Plumbers Guild has the expertise, knowledge, resources, and equipment to manage every plumbing job regardless of its scale. Find complete details on the company website at

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