Holistic Clinic Sheds Light On The Best Frequency For IV Infusions

February 27, 2020
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New York, NY based Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy is taking measures to raise awareness regarding the best frequency for IV infusions. The clinic offers a variety of products and services related to IV Therapy, a form of revitalization that they feel remains underutilized by local communities due its relatively unknown nature.

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To begin with, Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko of Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy wishes to share more details regarding IV Therapy and what patients can expect when they come in for a consultation or session. According to the doctor, IV Therapy was created as a means of bestowing long lasting vitality and restoring balance throughout a patient’s system. As this happens to be a core tenet of many holistic approaches to healthcare, Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy tends to find that their patients prefer IV Therapy over more conventional treatments. This may be due to the fact that, at its core, IV Therapy allows a patient to receive a direct boost of whatever they may need. This can include a solution comprised of saline, vitamins and medicines specifically targeted to their requirements.

“You will feel much better about trying these treatments,” Dr. Alexeyenko says, “after you take the time to learn how IV therapy works. Our goals are fundamentally aligned with your own: we seek to rejuvenate your body and provide your mind with the fuel it needs to function at its peak.” Patients should view IV Therapy as a preventative measure that may be able to help them reduce the negative effects of various ailments and illnesses, if not avoid them altogether.

As such, the frequency with which a patient should undergo IV Therapy is largely up to their own unique physiology and preferences. Under normal circumstances, Dr. Alexeyenko and his staff will schedule a consultation with a new patient where the latter’s full medical workup will be reviewed. The doctor’s holistic approach is two-fold here: he first forms a medical opinion regarding the treatments the patient may require and then asks them what they hope to achieve through their treatments as well. He explains that this is a vital part of the procedure as it allows the clinic to learn what a patient needs as well as what they want. Both of these pieces of information are required before a potential treatment can be recommended.

A patient’s IV Therapy schedule will similarly depend on these two factors. In some cases, for instance, the schedule is controlled entirely by Dr. Alexeyenko, especially if he believes that it is vital to a patient’s well-being. On the other hand, some patients may find that they have much more say in their schedule than they initially expected. “We take how you feel into account when we draw up your schedule,” states Dr. Alexeyenko. “It is important to us that you are both comfortable with our recommendation and feel that you are getting the attention you need. Some of our products and services can help you feel better even if you are already fairly healthy. If this is the case, and we determine that it is safe for you to continue, you may find you want to visit us multiple times a month, if not more.”

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He adds, “IV Therapy works similarly to the IV drips you might get during a hospital stay but is different in many ways. For one thing, the site of insertion must be sterile, just like with a flu shot or vitamin booster. However, there is no need for a client to lay down, wear a weird gown or be pushed around on a gurney. Hospitals, being as busy as they are, tend to host lots of germs and bacteria. An IV therapy salon or clinic is different. These are small salon-like clinics that are kept clean and comfortable. For those of you in New York City who are looking for local IV therapy providers, we invite you to check us out. Our clinic is located in midtown Manhattan.”

Those who wish to learn more about Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko and his work at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy are invited to browse the clinic’s website. More resources on IV Therapy, IV Vitamin Infusion and so on can be found here as well. Additionally, interested parties may contact Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko if they require further clarification.

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