Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy Discusses How Much IV Therapy Costs in New Blog Post

March 02, 2020
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Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy, based in New York City, has announced that they have recently published a blog post that discusses how much IV therapy costs. The article, titled “How Much Does IV Therapy Cost?” explains that the total cost will be determined by the seriousness of the solution that is required. Thousands of people use IV treatments that may increase their energy levels and possibly improve their wellness. These require only basic solutions, which means they usually cost much less compared to a doctor’s consultation if a person gets sick, which makes IV nutritional therapy a good investment. However, other forms like chelation drips, glutathione drips, and NAD infusions are more costly than the vitamin drip.

vladimir alexeyenko, md prepares a patient's arm for iv therapy in new york, ny

Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko, founder and chief practitioner at Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy, says, “When it comes to IV therapy, the cost question is really about whether you want to be preventative when it comes to your health. Whatever you spend on a preventative IV today might save you from an expensive hospital stay or doctor visit later. Restoring your energy, boosting your immune system, allowing your body to recover quickly from stress, improving cognitive and organ function, these are the real reasons to consider IV therapy. Some IV treatments will need a series of infusions that may be performed over a few months.”

An important benefit of investing in IV therapy is that an infusion is usually less costly than a full course of treatment with pharmaceutical drugs if a person gets sick. Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko wants to stress that the real question on the cost of IV therapy is that whatever is spent on preventative IV therapy at the present date might lead to significant savings in the future because a person may be able to avoid an expensive hospitalization or doctor visits in the future. Thus, the primary reason for possibly considering IV therapy is that IV therapy may boost a person’s immune system, restore energy, and allow the body to recover fast from stress.

Another issue discussed by the article is insurance coverage for IV therapy. It should be noted that just like any other kind of treatment, whether IV therapy can be covered would depend on the insurance provider. The common practice in IV clinics is that clients pay out of pocket and submit the necessary paperwork for possible reimbursement of the costs from the insurance company. This is the usual practice, even at traditional medical offices.

IV clinics are hoping that more and more people will discover the advantages of nutrition IVs, vitamin IVs, and infusions that may remove toxins from the body. If this happens in the future, insurance plans may ultimately decide to cover these services. The possible motivation for people is that the IV therapies that are provided in clinics are much less costly compared to purchasing pharmaceutical drugs and staying in a hospital if a person gets sick. This appears to be particularly attractive to many people, which is pushing up the demand for IV clinics in many cities and towns across the United States.

For those who have a more serious illness, it may be possible to look for an IV clinic that will accept a patient’s insurance, so it is a good idea to perform some research. People will just need to ensure that the IV clinic is being supervised by a licensed medical doctor, who is an expert in IV therapy.

patient and office staff discuss if insurance covers the cost of iv therapy in new york ny

Another question that people may have about IV therapy is whether it is really safe, especially if it is being done outside the hospital setting. Fortunately, it is a relatively safe procedure because it is simple and straightforward and the solutions used are already found in the body, albeit in insufficient quantities, which means that they don’t need approval from the FDA.

People who would like to know more about IV drip therapy in New York City can visit the Restorative Medicine website or contact them through the telephone or via email.

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