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Credit Repair Oakland Company Gets Five Star Review

February 18, 2020
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Oakland, California's Poser Tubes Credit Repair has announced with pride that they have received another five star review from one of their customers. The customer wanted to express his satisfaction in having his credit restored and being able to purchase a brand new car. The credit repair Oakland company had only recently started to offer its services in Oakland but it has already started to receive highly positive reviews. The service is aimed at people who are suffering from poor credit scores due to a number of reasons, such as foreclosures, collections accounts, judgments, paid charge offs, late payments, charge offs, payments where the amount paid was less than the amount due, and bankruptcies.

Contardo C., the customer who recently gave them a five star review, said, “My credit has been bad for years. I have thought about getting it fixed but it seemed overwhelming for me. I decided to look into it when I went to buy me a new car and was turned down. I was told about Poser Tubes Credit Repair and I am so happy I did. They have restored my credit to were I was able to get me a brand new car. It took some work but if it wasn’t for them I would not have fixed my credit.”

Poser Tubes Credit Repair - Oakland offers assistance to clients by providing them with advice on how they can push up their credit score and how to maintain it. However, they would like to caution clients about the fact that rebuilding credit is usually a long and continuing process. It may require several weeks, months or even years for someone’s credit score to be completely repaired. Nevertheless, people are likely to notice increases in the score within six months to one year.

A team of experts from the credit repair Oakland firm are capable of helping people in Oakland repair their credit score by getting rid of those items in their credit history that have caused their score to decline. What they can do is contact the three major credit bureaus to get the clients’ credit reports. These will then be carefully assessed to find out if there are any mistaken entries. If it can be proven to the credit bureau that those entries are not really supposed to be in there, they will officially eliminate them and the credit score of the client will increase.

Alonso Davila, a spokersperson for Poser Tubes Credit Repair - Oakland, says, “We’re so excited to announce that we have received another five star review. This means that our continuing efforts to improve the way we are able to serve our customers have been fruitful. The fact that we are truly helping people repair their credit scores is evident from the five star reviews that we have been receiving. Also, when you sign up for our service, you’ll only pay when negative items get eliminated from your credit report. Don’t let 'monthly credit repair companies' take their time working on your credit. We’ll fix your credit fast so you can move forward with your important life purchase like a brand new car.”

Poser Tubes would be able to handle all of the issues related to credit repairs, while clients can simply sit back and watch their credit scores rise up through the company’s client reporting dashboard. They will proactively deal with the enhancement of the client’s credit history. And with their “pay per efficiency” policy, which makes them stand out from the crowd, people will only need to pay a low monthly service fee, while the unwanted items are being eliminated from the credit report. This is in contrast to other credit repair firms that will bill the client large configuration expenses before starting to work on the credit report entries.

People who are interested in services for credit repair Oakland residents can rely on may want to visit their website or contact them via the telephone or through email. They are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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