University HQ Just Released The Most Affordable Four-Year Colleges by State List

February 12, 2020
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University Headquarters has released its first list of the most affordable college and universities in the US, by state. In each state, two schools were selected. Each of these baccalaureate-degree granting schools satisfy the requirements of not only low education costs but also overall value. The schools that were selected confer multiple bachelor's degrees to provide ample choice for students and their families. The site's researchers went to great lengths to provide comprehensive and objective information for its audience.

The list of most affordable colleges and universities from University HQ is designed to help students make the best financial and educational choice for them when it comes time to earn a degree. The list is sorted according to state and helps students determine the best overall school for a bachelor's degree. In fact, the list goes into more detail than the mere tuition numbers. University Headquarters went to great lengths to create a list that considered more than just tuition costs and made sure students would have an option that was close enough to save money on travel and in-school tuition costs as well.

The researchers sought out information related to each school's retention rates, graduation numbers, and more. Those that offer a great value are those whose students not only enroll, but who earn full four-year degrees. A few examples of the colleges are: Columbia Southern University, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Arizona State University, University of Arkansas, California State University and Colorado Mountain College.

Each school on the list is a four-year institution that confers bachelor's degrees. The goal of this list of most affordable universities was to guide students towards the degree type that will launch the most successful career. After all, professionals with bachelor's degrees start work with higher salaries and more responsibility than those with certificates or associate degrees.

Students who arrive at the University Headquarters website,, are there to delve deeper into their educational and financial choices. The site includes detailed information on schools, including data related to retention rates, graduation rates, and more. University HQ understands that an education is a long-term investment that is based as much on overall quality and value as it is on the short-term expenditure. University HQ also covers important educational financing issues. Students can learn more about their options, including federal student loans, private loans, or scholarships.

As a leading educational resource for students nationwide. Students use the site's numerous pages to discover the best educational values and the site also includes pages pertinent to veterans, mid-career students, graduate students, paying for college, planning for college and the full range of modern learners.

University HQ prides itself on being a comprehensive resource for students. As such, the site offers insights and detailed information related to degrees in a variety of fields, financing for degrees, and additional information that may be pertinent for any level of learner. is an indispensable resource that guides students and professionals through the process of attaining professional certificates and licenses. Aspiring teachers, nurses, counselors, engineers, and CPAs can now discover the best affordable colleges and universities before learning how to navigate their state's licensure rubric.

Mid-career professionals who desire a change likewise find sound advice and encouragement from University HQ. The site is a virtual career counselor that can help these professionals find alternative routes into their next career. The site can help them determine how to leverage their existing experience into a new field and the best steps towards a brighter, more successful tomorrow.

University HQ is also an excellent resource that helps students navigate the complex world of educational financial aid. The site has pages to help students find scholarships, grants, and loan information. There are detailed pages that describe the difference between private and public student loans, and how to otherwise manage their money and debt to yield the best possible educational value. After all, University HQ's goal is to help students achieve the very best education and launch a stellar, successful career.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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