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Cestari Kitchen Announces Mason Bee House

February 12, 2020
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Cestari Kitchen, a kitchen product company, is excited to announce the features of their Mason Bee House, a bamboo shelter for solitary bees. The bee house is designed to house a number of solitary bee species which are often beloved for the way they pollinate popular garden plants. This bamboo tube bee hotel, which is made from FSC certified wood and available in several colors, provides pollinating bees with a place to live, thus attracting more pollinators to the garden where the houses have been placed.

The bee houses come in four colors: pink, blue, green, and grey. It is not a typical bee hive, rather, it is designed specifically for 140 solitary bee species, including mason bees and orchard bees. The nester has been designed with tubes of various diameters, which attract different species of bees, which have different size bodies. Each bee hut has approximately 75 tubes, each around 4 inches long, allowing each pollinator plenty of depth to lay their eggs and for the larva to mature before finding their way into the world as new adult bees.

Mason Bee House

The Mason Bee House sold by Cestari Kitchen on Amazon and their website is not just bee friendly, it’s also environmentally friendly. The hotels are hand crafted from pine wood that’s been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Each tube is cut from long-lasting sustainable bamboo. The parts are assembled to create a hanging bee house that is not only bee friendly, but environmentally friendly as well. This solid wooden hanging bee hotel is more durable than those made from paper or cardboard, as it won’t disintegrate in the rain or rip to pieces in a heavy wind. As such, it will provide a sturdy shelter to meet all of the bees’ needs.

Contrary to popular belief, honeybees in traditional beekeeping hives are not the species of bee that is most endangered, and they are also generally not the most effective pollinator of most plants. Rather, plants are most effectively pollinated by the species of pollinator that evolved alongside it, such as the many species of mason bees that can be found in their native environments around the world. By hanging mason bee shelters, such as this one sold by Cestari Kitchen, individuals can aid in the conservation of native bees while also improving the productivity of their garden and plants in the surrounding area. When female bees are able to lay their eggs in the safe and secure habitat of the bamboo house, the population of native bees in the area increases, thus adding more pollinators to the environment to pollinate all the plants with.

Mason bees and other native bee species can visit 10-20 times more blooms each day than the common honeybee, which is native only to the middle-east and surrounding territories in Europe, Asia and Africa. Indeed, the honeybee appears to have originated in eastern tropical Africa and spread from there to Europe and eastwards into Asia. Mason bees, on the other hand, can be found natively in many locations around the world. They are not aggressive and do not sting, so they are excellent garden guests as they won’t be a danger to children or pets.

The wood and bamboo shelters are a safe habitat for bees, with smooth tubes that don’t injure fragile bee wings and sturdy walls to protect from wind and rain damage. The boxes are available on Amazon and can be purchased with fast and free shipping through Amazon Prime.

In addition to the best mason bee house, Cestari sells a variety of kitchen supplies, including chalk pens and chalkboard labels, knives, vegetable peelers, popcorn poppers and water infusion pitchers. Among their featured products is a pastry scraper and the Cryosphere Massage Ball for massaging sore feet at the end of a long day in the kitchen. More information about all of these products and how to order them can be found at the company's website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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