Matt Rogers Advises Business Owners In California To Buy Contractors Insurance To Grow Their Business

February 18, 2020
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Matt Rogers of Burbank, CA based Contractors Insurance Solutions, Inc. (CIS) is reaching out to business owners all across the state to advise them on the most effective ways to grow a contractor business in the area. He is sharing his personal experience along with anecdotes and diverse observations he has made throughout his career. Rogers recently attended the Build Expo 2020 at the LA Convention Center, where he covered these topics thoroughly and gave his expert insight into some of the most common challenges that California contractors come across.

During his visit to the Expo, Rogers shared insight into what he believes is a vital catalyst for success in contractor businesses. He said, "Part of building a successful business as a contractor is marketing your company effectively. You could be the best contractor in Los Angeles and still not get any clients because they can't find you, or they aren't confident in your expertise and the quality of your craftsmanship. You'll want to come out as a professional company that guarantees a successful job as well as the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the project, and you can only do this if you buy California contractors insurance."

According to Rogers, this is an area where business owners do not want to take any shortcuts or unnecessary risks in. Even though it will not make a difference for most of the jobs carried out, it could prevent the company from going out of business in the aftermath of an emergency. He explained, "You want to make sure that you, your team and clients are protected against all circumstances, just in case something goes wrong. Accidents happen and, while you can't account for and prevent all of them, it is important to have a backup plan to protect your company and your workers."

Having contractors insurance also plays a significant role when applying for large-scale projects, as many California companies are required by their own insurance companies to make sure that their subcontractors are insured. This means that an uninsured contractor is less likely to be hired than an insured one—few companies are willing to run the risk of hiring someone with an aggregated factor of uncertainty.

Rogers added, "Even if you think that you can overcome this requirement by offering lower rates, the truth is that companies simply cannot take on this additional risk as the costs of assuming liability would far exceed the resulting savings. This means that the services and solutions that you provide will continue to be undesirable to all discerning businesses. While you might balk at the costs of maintaining these protections, the amount of money that you spend to secure them will be far less than the sum that you will invariably lose by not having the necessary protections."

Contractors Insurance Solutions Inc. offers insurance for all kinds of contractors in California, helping them grow their business and protect their assets against unforeseen situations. They take great pride in offering the best-priced contractor insurance solutions in the area, offering different options according to the level of risk of each client's operations. These options vary from $1 million for low-risk businesses (residential contractors,) up to $2 million or more for high-risk contractors who are consistently carrying out commercial projects (such as contractors insurance for electricians in Los Angeles). The specialist recommended having insurance coverage of at least two or three times the amount of construction project budgets.

The local insurance company possesses several testimonials that attest to the quality of their services and their expertise in the field. For instance, David Avetisyan says in their review, "After calling about 4-5 different agents and brokers looking for Painting Contractor's Insurance, I came across Contractors Insurance Solutions and met Matt. He offered the best price right off the bat, didn't haggle and offered excellent customer service. I'd recommend Matt without thinking twice."

The company's website includes further information on the services that Contractors Insurance Solutions Inc. offers. Contractors who are interested in any insurance-related matter should contact Matt Rogers, who will gladly answer any inquiries regarding this subject. Scheduling a free consultation with one of the company's specialists is also possible through their website. Learn more at the following link: Surety Bonds For Electricians In Beverly Hills.

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