Avation Business Consultants International Releases Aviation Social Media Guide on Amazon

February 11, 2020
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Aviation Business Consultants International, an aviation marketing agency. based in Tooele, Utah, is excited to announce that they have released the 2020 version of their book, The Social Media Guide for Aviation Sales and Marketing Professionals.

The mission of Aviation Business Consultants International (ABCI) is to help aviation companies sell more of their products and services, which is why they are providing this social media guide. It is one of the many ways in which ABCI specializes in helping aviation related companies, such as flight schools, charter organizations, aircraft brokers, aircraft repair stations, parts manufacturers, and consultants.

Aviation Business Consultants International is releasing the guide to help aviation sales and marketing professionals working for aviation related businesses use social media to build better relationships and make more sales, all while avoiding many of the time wasting or reputation crushing pitfalls that can and often do occur when social media is used improperly.

Instead of ignoring helpful technology to do things the “old fashioned way”, or going the other direction and getting “shiny object syndrome” and overusing social media to excess, Aviation Business Consultants advises customers to apply classic sales and marketing principles to their use of cutting edge tools and technology. They believe this process can save large amounts of time while also achieving sales and marketing goals much faster than eschewing modern technology in favor of entirely traditional methods.

The company is selling the Aviation Social Media Guide on Amazon, where it is available as a paperback for $9.99. It has been much expanded since they published their last version in 2016. The new version contains all the latest information about the latest social media developments that impact the marketing of aviation related businesses, while maintaining true to a core set of fundamental marketing principles that continue to guide the best practices of the fast changing aviation marketing environment.

As the Amazon description for the book explains, “You've heard the hype. But does social media really work for complex, high-ticket, B2B aviation marketing? We have complicated products and services that can really benefit from being demonstrated online. And you have competitors who still think social media is for teenage girls to share eye makeup techniques and funny videos of their guinea pigs. (It is. But it HAS grown significantly beyond that!) Authors John and Paula Williams are no strangers to the high expectations (and sometimes low margins) of FBOs, MROs, charter companies, repair stations, software companies, component makers, and doctors, lawyers and insurance professionals in the aviation industry. The company they founded has achieved consistently high performance results for these clients. The answer is yes. In fact, in some ways, it works even better for aviation. We have specialized audiences, so targeting is much more important so that we're not wasting money advertising to the general population.”

While the new 2020 version of the book is so new that it has not yet been reviewed, the 2016 edition was well received by industry professionals. One review, from a customer Jerry Buccola, reads “A definite must-read for everybody in the aviation business! Tons of great information and ideas about how to create a comprehensive and long term marketing plan using social media. A warning… you’ll need a pen and paper while you’re reading this book to write down specific things you need to do for your business. Full disclosure: I’ve worked with ABCI in the past and am probably biased toward their strategies since I know how well they work. Unsolicited Review – This is totally worth the few hours of reading time.”

In addition to their book about social media marketing, Aviation Business Consultants International offers a range of business consulting and internet marketing services, including website refreshes, branding work, and search engine optimization. Anyone interested in more information about the Aviation Social Media Guide or Aviation Business Consultants International can visit the ABCI website’s page about the guide at https://aviationbusinessconsultants.com/aviation-social-media-guide-for-sales-and-marketing-professionals/.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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ABCI helps companies sell more products and services in the Aviation industry. We work with charters, brokers, flight schools, MROs, component manufacturers, software, doctors, lawyers, insurance professionals and others.

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