Gourmante Explains Ways to Use Vitamin E Oil for Skincare in New Blog Post

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Gourmante, based in Athens, Greece, has announced that they have recently posted an article on their site that explains 5 ways to use vitamin E oil for skincare. The article points out that Vitamin E oil can be used as a daily body moisturizer, as a natural SPF, to repair damaged skin, to remedy dry scalp, and to prevent splitting nails, lips, and cuticles. Gourmante offers products that promote a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle, that provide authentic, natural, high quality, and safe products. An appropriate product for those who want to use vitamin E oil for their skincare routine is the Gourmante Natural Vitamin E Oil.

Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos, Founder & CEO of Gourmante, says, “Vitamin E is the name of a group of compounds that are required by the body for various functions - to help keep a strong immune system, and for important cellular and metabolic functions. Vitamin E also has antioxidant properties that protect our cells from damage related to aging and environmental factors. And it has also been used in popular skincare products that can benefit the skin, hair, and nails. In our latest blog post, we discuss five ways of using pure vitamin E oil in a person's skincare routine.”


Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos also wants to point out that studies have indicated that natural Vitamin E, which is obtained from soybean oil, is capable of providing at least twice the impact as synthetic Vitamin E, which is derived from petrochemicals. First of all, Vitamin E oil can be utilized as a skin moisturizer to promote wound healing, prevent or treat dry and flaking skin, alleviate the symptoms related to eczema or atopic dermatitis, prevent or minimize scars, and reduce mild symptoms of psoriasis.

Vitamin E oil can also be used in combination with Vitamin C to act as a natural form of sun protection. This is because Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can block free radicals from the body, which can help in maintaining the youthful look of the skin and minimizing wrinkles. Furthermore, it also has anti-inflammatory effects and it hydrates and calms sensitive skin. Those who want to know more about this can read the Gourmante Mediterranean Living Magazine.

Vitamin E oil can also be applied to the hair and scalp for treating excessive dryness while increasing circulation to the scalp. This will temporarily boost blood flow to the area with the result that the health and strength of the hair follicles are improved. Furthermore, it can help in hydrating and moisturizing dry and brittle hair.

And lastly, Vitamin E oil can be used on the nails and cuticles. This can help the nails become thicker, stronger, and brighter. And it can also be massaged on the cuticles to prevent and soothe chapped skin.

And using the Mediterranean living concept, Gourmante also offers the Mediterranean Olive Fruit & Leaf Extracts in the form of vegetarian capsules. This is a food supplement containing olive oil polyphenols, which have been found in studies to maintain normal blood pressure and normal HDL cholesterol levels. This product is a proprietary synergistic complex that comes from the Mediterranean Olea Europaea (fruit) and Olea Europaea (leaf) standardized dry extracts that provide biologically enhanced olive polyphenols. This product also contains hydroxytyrosol, which has been approved by the European Food Safety Authority for heart and coronary health. Meanwhile, tyrosol has been found to have antioxidant properties that protect body cells and LDL from oxidative damages.

The Gourmante Mediterranean Olive Fruit & Leaf Extracts provides a number of major benefits. This is because it is manufactured using high-quality raw materials in Italy; the daily dosage is only one capsule, which offers the same health benefits as two tablespoons of olive oil; it has zero calories; it is vegetarian, and it is made from non-GMO ingredients.

Gourmante products are created in partnership with a Greek pharmaceutical and research company and are supported by strong scientific evidence. Those who are interested in using vitamin E oil for skincare and other applications may want to check out the Gourmante Health website, contact them on the phone or through email, or follow Gourmante Health on Facebook.

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