AIMM Publishes Ultimate Guide To Singing

January 31, 2020
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The Duluth, Georgia based Atlanta Institute of Music And Media (AIMM) is extremely pleased to announce that they have published a new article on their blog called the Ultimate Guide To Singing. They assert that it offers a wealth of information to anyone who wishes to develop their singing skills.

One of the most daunting obstacles keeping individuals with raw talent away from the music industry is their lack of knowledge regarding the ongoing development of their skills. The article covers a variety of basics in the subject, such as vocal techniques, warm-up strategies, what vocalists should and should not consume before a performance, the best equipment for singers and so on. It even enumerates several habits that aspiring singers should avoid.

Ultimate Guide to Singing and Improving Vocals

"What separates a talented individual from a prodigy is not their raw talent, as many believe, but how they develop it," states Nite Driscoll, President of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. "Vocal talent is a mix of technique, determination and practice, and only those who find a balance of these factors can elevate their singing to the next level and become outstanding individuals. While there is a limit to how much you can learn and improve on your own, we hope that this article will serve as a starting point for the young talents out there who lack guidance. There is a clear path that you should follow to improve your singing, and our article describes the basics of what you can learn and practice on your own."

AIMM states that, in order to see a significant improvement, the first thing a singer should work on is their vocal technique. The school emphasizes that one of the most aspects of this technique involves exercising better forms of breathing, inhaling from the diaphragm rather than the chest. This comes along with larynx control, which should have a significant impact on the quality of their singing. Adopting a better posture helps with these two areas as well.

Warming up before singing is also vital, as Driscoll states, "Vocal warm-ups are designed to prepare your voice and body for the physical activity of singing. Changing pitch, practicing articulation, and just rolling your lips are all good warm-ups and, over time, these exercises should help you develop proper breathing and improve your lung capacity." Failing to eliminate bad habits can have a significant impact on a singer's career, affecting the longevity of their voice and their consistency. Even if some exercises do not show an immediate improvement, their positive effects will accumulate over time—as can the damage caused by poor habits. Learn more here: How To Improve Singing Skill.

"You want to take care of your body like any sportsman would, at least on the few hours prior to your presentation and the previous days," advises Driscoll. "If you want to nail every presentation, you'll want to remove coffee and alcohol from your diet, avoid speaking loudly before the show and never skip your warm-ups. You also want to avoid any poor performance habits, keeping the singing basics in mind at all times. Recording yourself and reviewing your singing is a great way to make corrections and, with multiple clips spread out over time, you can track progress more clearly, which is great for motivation."

Beyond adopting the practices discussed in the article, the next step to improve singing skills is to seek instruction and guidance. The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is an accredited music college that provides singers with a fantastic opportunity to elevate their vocal talents through a Music and Technology Associate Degree with a Focus in Voice.

"If you are a talented individual and want to develop your singing skills," says Driscoll, “the best way to do it is under the tutelage of people who have already followed this path and navigated around the challenges that you are about to face. At the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, we will provide you with all the tools necessary to succeed, nurturing your growth and encouraging you to become the best singer you can be.”

Those interested in learning more about the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media can visit the school's website to explore their student resources. They may also reach out to Nite Driscoll to follow up on any inquiries they may have. Additionally, they may look up other AIMM articles for further insight regarding their approach to teaching.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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